SSF4 Not for me? :3


Heya SRK forums.

I have a bit of a wierd question, but it needs to be asked cause i cant figure it out myself.

So here goes nothing:
Why cant i seem to adapt to the SF playstyle? (note though that i picked SF up @ SF4, was only watching other playing the older ones)
Im great at Guilty Gear, getting my combos and RCs in just as i want em to come out.
And above average in Tekken, juggles working fine.

Can it be that SSF4 doesnt suit me and should i stick to the two above mentioned games? Wich i have become utterly bored of. Followed them both since the first in the series.

Ive been hitting the trials and practice mode ALOT in SSF4, same goes with online games. Only thing i seem to win against is people that just picked up the game or is training/trolling.
I know that alot of time im either too aggressive or too passive (maining Akuma) and i fall to the easiest crap they throw at me at times.

One of the answers i came up with is that im not just made for the executions/imput timing that SSF4 offers. Im fairly average with hit confirming but my zoning game sucks.

Take due note though that ive been read up on alot of theorycraft on the streetfighter series since sf2, and watched more hours of footage then i dare to say.
Still doesnt improve my game, well… slow and steady…really f’in slow.


I think if you like the game enough you’ll figure it out eventually. If you don’t enjoy playing the zoning game there are games where its less emphasized, but I’m pretty sure its part of any fighting game.


I like the game itself alot, therefor i have been following the theorycraft and tournaments of it since sf2.
The zoning game itself is cool, just that im utterly bad at it since you hardly come by it in GG (excluding some characters).
I have been improving a tiiiiiiiiiny bit, but after a quick re-looksie at the akuma forums i realised that im supposed to get my ass kicked until i get my A game working :stuck_out_tongue:
(and note, this is not just a “Akuma thing”. my gameplay is just utterly bad with all characters)
I see that alot of the major damage comes from the FADC stuff, but i just cant seem to get a decent one off on my stick.
I either do a focus punch or dash way too late, and ive spent about 80hrs+ training that crap. So you see what im getting at? ^^"

Thanks for the quick reply though, checking back on the thread in awhile. Back to the training mode.


I had the same problem sort of. My defense still sucks but you should watch closely how your opponent plays. For example if you always does Shory on wakeup just cr.blk and grab. But I have you on my friends list on XBL so we can train if you want to.


nononono, you do your character’s punishing combo. Never grab.


the timing of a focus dash isn’t that hard. What I generally do is tap focus attack and dash input at the same time. If you do it fast enough (not too fast, you don’t want to mess up the input or do extra dashes) you don’t really need to hold FA, and the dash will come out automatically. After that, let the stick return to neutral, and do the followup normally. Practice doing EX FADCs without holding the focus attack and you should get a lot better at it.

With dps, you can actually do a dp, then tap focus attack and forward just once. The final forward motion from the dp will work for the dash, and it should cancel nicely.


Cool, thanks alot for that info. improved it abit, but atleast i see some progress in my game. Still getting those random focus hits alot. Going to train that for alot more hours though to get it to work out nicelly.

And ChapDDR just send me a message on live and we can do some training.


I came from GGXX to SF4. The zoning in GGXX is a lot less emphasized or at least quite different because you can IAD, jump cancel, etc. etc. Also a big part of SSF4 is having a strong ground game, whereas in GGXX you can spend a small amount of meter to FD in the air and block ground to air. Akuma is still pretty heavy on the fly in from the air and mix you up, but you definitely have to do it differently than you would in Guilty Gear. Keep in mind that in this game some characters like Dhalsim can win from some random pokes and solid anti-airs, which you don’t too often see happen in Guilty Gear. Try to just slow your pace down when necessary and understand how much more important the ground game is. In this game there are a lot of bad habits that can force you to play very very different “like mashing reversals” where in GGXX you can generally just meaty and rushdown to death someone with bad habits.


honest question
does it make any difference what anyone thinks about that?
If you think the game is not for you then quit, if you like it just keep playing thats all


play marvel


give it one more chance.


haha don’t play it then, MVC3 will almost certainly be more your style


A honest question gets an honest answer.
The thread itself was mostly made to see if anyone else had these problems after comming from those games that im from.
And to see if they had any tips on how they got rid of the old habits and the likes.
I definetly think this game COULD become something for me, since just after getting some online help through xbl i’ve been seeing alot of improvements in my gameplay.
And alot of new flaws.

And so far those that had the time on giving me a helping hand in this darkness, i truly thank thee.


that’s just a bad excuse to say you can’t adapt to the game :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding. but yeah sometimes it’s not really well suited to certain people’s play style. i have friends that play either mvc/gg type games and the other half that play sf type of games. rarely do i see the two overlap.