SSF4 Notes - An app to make memorizing match ups easier


Ahoi all,

As a way make memorizing nuances for 38 different match ups easier and help out the community, I’ve made an app for Android™ that lets you take notes, sorted by each character.

Current features:

  • An individual page for each character means never having to sift through random notes hoping to find the one you want.

  • Fast page load times means not having to worry about not having enough time to find who you want.

  • Notes are saved automatically as long as you don’t Rage Quit(phone’s back button)

  • Built in evesdropping defense makes it harder for opponents to see what you’re typing.

  • 39 new pieces of fan art make finding characters simple.

Press the app icon to go back to the main screen. Use your phone’s back button to rage quit and leave without saving your notes.

If there are any features you would like to have, lmk and I’ll do what I can to add them. If you find any bugs/mistakes, instead of getting salty, lmk so I can fix them.

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Fight your opponent, not your memory.