SSF4 Online Help Needed

I’ve had SSF4 (for PS3) for about 6 months, and I’m having trouble winning online. I’ve played 150 or so games and I’ve only won about 45 of them. (I know, terrible.) I try using the more unique characters (Guy, Cody, Rose, Dudley etc.) and I can normally do pretty well against decent players. (2K PP+) I’ve beaten a 10k BP Fei on multiple occasions and 3K PP Gief. The decent players arn’t the problem though, I have TREMENDOUS trouble against scrubs, like fucking ultimate flow-chart ultra on wake-up scrubs. No matter how much I know they are going to jump back fierce, then jump in with demon flip or some shit, then throw and repeat, I just can’t stop it. I would really appreciate some help on how to fight scrubs, because I always just get wake up DP’d until I no longer have the urge to play. Thanks in advance.

Dude I have the same exact problem. It ends up that I actually realize that I have to be more patient. I’m not sure about you, but I play Juri, a character with a lot of fireballs. I usually end up trying to keep them out as much as possible with fireballs and try to frustrate them instead of them frustrating me. The key is to be mentally on top of things. Oftentimes, I break because I get so angry about how scrubby they are (and about the fact that I absolutely know that I should be beating them), but it’s all about being calm and making a game plan.

If they’re jumping a lot, anti-air it. If they’re applying a lot of pressure, learn how to escape it (whether that means backdashing, jumping out, focusing, etc.) If they’re DP-ing a lot, bait that shit. Think about all of your options If you’re getting hit by both of those a lot anyways, think of it as good training experience against a dummy who just keeps doing stupid stuff. It’ll help you get better at recognizing how to punish, how to anti-air, and how to generally react to common situations.

I’m not really good at Street Fighter myself, but I’ve recently recognized I’ve had the completely wrong attitude about the game. Emotions can’t be dominating your game plan. You’ve gotta look at things really logically.

That’s not a bad percentage, If you are always winning then you are not learning anything. Chances are you are letting your frustration defeat you when you play the “scrubs”. That tactic is just a tactic you will have to learn how to beat. I suggest copying the scrub play and then watch the replays of how people beat you when you played like that.

I use to have that problem when I first started playing. My advice is to really bait out their reversals (like jab jab stop, or during their wake up get close and block)… if they mash = free punish & and also telling you they would do this between your block strings. If they don’t do a reversal then it can be used as data, telling yourself they wouldn’t mash and you can continue applying pressure the next time you get in that close range. Another thing is to know which characters have a good reversals and which characters don’t. Also if your baiting them to wake up dp (from shotos) try to back up a little so that their dp would wiff and therefore they cannot fadc from it.

I played a scrub the other day and man it was tough. When you mainly play good players, it shocks you when people do stupid things, so much so that you almost can’t capitalise on those opportunities.

I still won. I just had to sit back and wait for the jumps and AA. But it was tough. He was constantly doing things that noone who had experience at the game would do.

So I had to go scrub myself, to beat a scrub. Hope that helps!

I have to admit that the worst players are the hardest to me right next to the best players I play frequently. Haha. Ok, possibly SLIGHTLY easier, but really not by much.
And yeah, what Sxio said, fight fire with fire.

Think of it as an opportunity to learn how to analyze your opponent’s playstyle, and coming up with a counter-strategy to punish the weaknesses in their game.

If they’re a flowchart scrub, that means that you know what they’re going to do next, since they’re not bothering trying to play intelligently. If they’re doing jump back fierce…let them…they’re only giving up their own corner, where you can lay on your pressure. Eventually they’re start jumping towards you, or doing a demon flip move, but you should be expecting this. Learn your anti-airs, and not just the dragon-punch type moves, I mean your normal moves that stops them from jumping in on you for free. Try a neutral jump attack, a jumping attack to stuff them early, but try to maintain superior positioning in order to give you more control of the match. If you get DP’d on wakeup, then don’t attack. Allow them to whiff their DP, and hit them with the more punishing combo that you can pull off consistently. That, or stay outside of their DP range, and force them to make risks to land damage on you.

If that doesn’t work, then think about what went wrong. Maybe your strategy didn’t work, and you need to come up with a better way of dealing with scrubs. Maybe you have no punishing combos, so you allow them to do stupid risks because of the fact that you’re not punishing it. Whatever the case, try to keep your composure, stay calm, and just develop a winning strategy to improve your win/loss ratio.

Easy answer hold back or down back on your stick or pad. This is also known as blocking and will reduce the damage or eliminate it from the attack your opponent does.

If you are losing to someone mashing then you are dumber than they are for not just waiting till they do something stupid and countering it.

You can beat most scrubs with just anti airing for how much low skilled players jump. Just let them kill themselves.

Also 150 matches is a long night for me if that’s all you have played in 6 months you are going to need a lot more playing time. If you want to get good start grinding u need 150 matches a week to stay sharp IMO.