SSF4 Online help

Okay, so I have around 2000 BP with the character I want to play, but I’m still really bad, only around 200 PP.

I kind of want to slowly get better by playing people around my skill level and slowly facing higher ones as I rise in rank, but the only people I am able to find are people with 5000+ BP who totally destroy me. Nothing changes this, not even setting the skill setting in Custom Match to “Same Skill”.

I know that “playing people are a lot better than you can help you stop making poor decisions” is an argument, but really, I can’t do jack shit and its depressing me :c

Is this something I should just deal with and try to get used to? Or is there something else I can do?

Also, how do I safe jump? I don’t understand the timing part, are there visual cues I can use, such as “When you see the opponent start getting up”? Or is it just before they start? I’ve asked this before and couldn’t get any useful advice to help me solve my problem.

edit: okay, really, the constant losing, its really killing any and all morale I have. This game does not seem noob-friendly at all. I’d like to get into the high-level play, but I don’t know what to do to even get into the intermediate, I’m extremely frustrated.

This seems like a waste of text but this site, if you havn’t noticed, is a plethora of knowledge. Who is your character? What’s beating you? Look it up in matchup info. Go to training and put some time into learning how to execute properly. If you can’t get your anti air specials off just use your normals as anti air until your execution is up to par. If you’re having a hard time maybe try switching chars, Ryu is pretty solid for learning and has alot of good normals to keep people off of you.

Also, keep in mind no ones ever really beating you, you’re just beating yourself. Diagnose what mistakes you’re making and stop them before they become bad habits. Like if you’re always jumping in on someone and it gets you hit , don’t do it anymore. if you random ultra and it leaves you open, don’t do it anymore.

i got seriously into fighting games last year. before, i was casual just for fun and wasnt good. i didnt have a new gen console so i had to use GGPO to fight online with SF33S and SSF2T. what you have to understand is you have to crawl before you walk. you, like i, will be playing people a lot better than you, with tons of experience. this is a marathon, you have to be willing to stick with it, cause becoming good is not easy, but the more you play, the better you become.

i was playing guile in SSF2T, and as a casual gamer the only normal i used(spammed) was sweep, that does 2 sweeps after each other. i got punished everytime due to the recovery and slow start up. i kept telling myself no more sweeps, but like i said when u play someone so much better, your instincts will fail to execute what your mind tells it. it took me hours, or even days, before i got the habit of spamming sweeps whenever pressured out of my game. dont expect to see swift improvements, it will take some time, but you will slowly start becoming a solid player.

i missed out on SF4, i got it a month before SSF4 came out. but ive read hours of help forums, watched videos, still lost a lot cause i was new to the game while others were’nt. but now i can tell you, 2010 april to this date my improvement just shows me all my hard graft has paid off. i was always 800pp, got to 1500pp. now im average 2500pp, currently at 2700pp(would love to reach 3000pp). i cant seem to break 6000BP but you get the point. you’ll get there in the end. videos and forums will help, but experience(training your instincts) is the most important, without it nothing else will improve you. so make the commitment to play the game a bit more seriously than just a casual player