SSF4 PC or PS3 for online play?

Hey all just as title says. Should I be looking to play SSF4 online through PC or PS3? Which one has stronger player base and which one is better netcode wise?


PC has slightly better online netcode than 360 and people say 360 online is better than PS3 so i would go with the PC version plus PS3 has the 1-2 frame delay and it looks better on PC as well as mod’s.

If i were you though i would wait for it to come on sale again on STEAM the summer sale is on now so should go 75% off again and pick it up on there for $7.50

thats good to hear about the net code! but hows the player base? i have xbox as well so thats always an option.

Well i am in Australia and i usually have no problem getting games going. Dunno about other regions on PC though.

thanks for the quick reply! 1 final question. how does the netcode in SSF4 arcade edition hold up to GGPO, namco TTT2 / SV5 , and atlus anime fighters?

lol, it holds up very poorly…

It’s pretty playable on PC. It’s much worse than all of the games you listed, though.

PS3 online is super bad.

Player base on PC is the worst of the three. 360 has the best. That said, it seems that players are migrating to PC.

Playing on 2560 x 1440 px screen is another world.

thats unfortunate. hopefully PC version is alright. how does it hold up to marvel vs capcom? :stuck_out_tongue: cant be worse right?

Pc vs PS3 isn’t even comparable. PS3 feels like you’re playing in cement, and feels quite delayed. As for competition, I agree it’s better on xbox, and probably ps3, but there’s still some very solid players to be found in endless on pc.

I would go for PC, however there’s lag switchers once in a while but it’s a rare find to see.