SSF4 Player Card: What does "Total" mean?

There are stats for:
Main Character
Player Points
Battle Points

What is Total? Total of what? Games?

If it is, can someone explain the Total number in Mago’s player card since it has the value of 9 and the player points and battle points are at such a high value in this video:

If I’m not mistaken, it’s that persons rank on the online leaderboards for the specific character they use. Ex: It says Mago is 9, so he’s the number 9 rated Fei Long player in the world leaderboards at the time that the video was made, and tokido is the 3690 ranked Akuma in the world, which since this video was made has Extremely likely to have changed.

Both of these guys are killers from Japan, with Mago as one of the most well known Fei Long players, and Tokido being what is probably the best Akuma around. They are likely to be at the top of the leaderboards in those catagories.

Reeeeeaaaallllly? Definitely NOT doubting you on this but, personally, I thought that it was how many total rounds they’ve played.
I’m also very new to the whole online thang so I’m probably wrong. My judgements though, based on that being “total # of rounds played online” seemed to be pretty accurate though. :wink:

That certainly is possible after the verifying I’ve been doing, but never really paid much attention to it, my focus was always on better gameplay performance, those stats never interested me. Still, if that is true, Mago earned 6130 PP and 18525 BP in just 9 matches, but that doesn’t make sense, considering it’s near impossible to level up that fast. Also, a player like Mago would have far more than just 9 matches online.

I guess he’s right, as I don’t have any evidence to contest it, or link it to some other stat or ranking. I just went off logic earlier. Just seems odd though. I did say earlier, “If I’m not mistaken,” which I clearly was.

Hmm, maybe because he log in his account on a different console.

@West - It really doesn’t make sense at all! I just glance at the numbers and, with no rhyme or reason, figured “total” to be total battles/matches played. I’m not too sure how everything works 100% as I just recently picked up a copy of SF4AE myself.

@3rd Strike - Your matches played/other stats aren’t tied to your PSN/XBL account but rather the machine you’re on? Again, still trying to figure out little nuances like this because I picked up a PS3 the same day I got SF4AE and that was less than a month ago. :slight_smile:


Okay, that could explain a lot.

Total is number of matches.

If you play on a different console, or lose your save data, or whatever, it will reset. It’s not stored server-side.