SSF4 predictions?


hi guys, over here we are way too hyped about evo.

So to continue the hype I would like to know if you have any predictions on who will take the ssf4 1st place

since super will be a fairly new game it give some chance to somebody besides Daigo to win this

lets make this some sort of virtual bet :slight_smile:

my vote? well I say that there is a big chance for Sanford to take this (given his last performances on empire, he has improved A LOT)


yeah i thought that someone aside from Jwong and Daigo were gonna take the top 2 last year simply because SF4 was fairly new and incredibly popular, i expected some random amazing player to appear from nowhere and take EVO by storm but that didn’t happen… i even lost a bet when daigo won, honestly my money was on Eduardo Perez after i saw him blow through cats like Floe to get to the top 8… but with super on the horizon my hopes have been renewed… i have no doubt in my mind that we could see a completely new champion this time around, and by the same token our old standby winners always always always have the odds in thier favor… so here’s hoping we atleast have a close run if not a completely new outcome…


daigo… ryu

shocker, huh?


i want an underdog to win this thing. Someone pull out an unexpected character out of left field and utterly pull off an intense match for the grand finals. If the finals were in the colliseum this year i would be drowned in hype.


its gonna be some random xbox live scrub lol

first 2-3 months of super are going to be pretty random outside of the top-top players


i remember listening to a podcast last summer a week before EVO and they interviewed gootecks and he said there was no chance in hell of a newbie making it to top 8 but when that puerto rican balrog made it. i was in a uproar of excitement. The top 8 fights were preety damn good who knows what will happen this time.


I’m putting my money on Eduardo and Justin.