SSF4 "Pro" Dudley Players

So… are there any? He’s such a good character, it’s a shame I’m not seeing people take advantage of him… i know a lot of 3s players won’t do any other game, but seriously, is it enough to deny one of that game’s best characters-although as a Chun I feel anger creeping up on me saying that. Huge thighs= huge juggle-able hitbox.
kokujin…kokujon…kokujon… dang it kokujin…


Dudley isn’t such a good character and there is nothing to take advantage of. Dudley sucks in SSF4. He does massive damage and stun but creating opportunities to dish it out is an extremely uphill battle and it’s not worth it in the end. Any character with a decent footsie game can shut down his offense, and if you have a godlike reversal Dudley can’t do shit to you. He’s also really weak on wake up.

Don’t get me wrong, quite a few characters have it a lot worse than Dudley but he’s not tournament winning material. I hope someone does prove me wrong though.

Despite me talking shit about him, he’s my main and I’ll carry on using him because he’s a fun character to use.

edit: I have no idea what you started to talk about at the end of your post.

typical me. figures. i need to get ssf4 and a real next gen system so i can play it. prob a ps3, the toastbox 360 kills itself more often than a cps3.
honestly we need 3s players using dudley in this. I see almost no low hk combos or setups, and that’s where his strengths are. also seeing no forward throws either… seriously he’s not ken, don’t backthrow.
I want kokujin back basically.

…Another problem I have with this game is that people get scared to use ultra offensively, as in charge for meter by using focus absorbs more often. Sure it’s risky, but this game can’t start being another sf2. 3 evolved like crazy and could be a show stopper. Two and four are to some degree but honestly it becomes so defensive. Such turtling unless you are Seth or Fuerte. Yes fuerte turtles too, but he does it like vega, he’s looking to bounce off of a wall and fall on your head, haha.

Marn plays Dudley.

Didn’t Marn place first with dudley in a tournament not too long ago?

lol, he sucks?

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He didn’t use just Dudley though did he? I think he used Rufus too. And that was when SSF4 first came out so nobody knew how to deal with Dudley and he still had the god tier hype around him at the time. Unless of course it’s a different tournament than the one I’m thinking of, and besides, Marn is an extremely good player. He could probably have won that tournament with any character.

Marn beat Valle with Dudley at Devastation. He didn’t play Dudley until the grand final match with Valle.

“Try to counter this!”



He was ruining people in the team tourney at MWC too. Marn used Dudley, Alex Valle used Adon, and Floe(I think? I can’t remember) used Guy.