Ssf4 psn (online) vs offline: Very big difference?


Im an online warrior. Used to go to the arcades and tourneys but after getting married, having a kid and raising a family I no longer have the time to go out. I play 100% online on my ps3 with the best internet cable can provide, everything hooked and port forwarded. I know about the frame delay the ps3 version has compared to the xbox, but besides that … is it really that much different than playing offline? I mean I only play against 4 bar players and I know that even by doing that doesnt guarantee me that the connection wont suffer from inconsistencies. I can definitely feel when Im playing matches where the lag makes me hard to crouch tech or land a frame trap, but overall I can hold my own and do pretty good (cammy player). If I decide to play offline all of a sudden, will I have to adjust drastically or it will be easy? I practice many hard to do combos on practice mode and I can do them pretty well, but when I play someone only I can do them a little bit more than 50% of the time. I dont know if this is caused by the online delay, or because Im playing a real opponent and Im messing up my timing.


Yeah, its pretty different. Its not just a matter of lag either, its just a totally different animal. In some ways, its difficult to explain, but I think it comes down to the fact that you’re not anonymous in person, so what you do in game sticks to you. So the derpyness of offline play isnt quite as much a factor, this is most apparent in a tournament where people pay to get in.

Some people will listen to your stick or scout you out etc

Theres also a lot to distract you, and your alertness may not be there after a long drive.

But there are other reasons I cant quite pin point, maybe others can. Just know its a very different game, at least in my opinion.


it’s not just outside the game stuff. the actual game is different too. there’s some gimmicks that will work way better online than offline because offline people have time to react. neutral game matchups can be entirely different games online and offline because the threats of each character are not the same.


Depending on where you live/how many people you can connect to with a good ping, online SF4 varies from “meh” to “this is an awful fucking slideshow”. If you’re serious about learning the game, you’re much better off finding locals to play with.


This is a real actual thing. Pumping motions or churning butter is cool and all online, but people will thwart you every time offline, and that’s because… they’re listening to you!

It’s like dreaming, really. Online isn’t reality, it’s a cheap imitation that sometimes gets warped in strange ways.

That being said, if you are skilled at adapting, it shouldn’t take you long to play offline if it suddenly comes up. You have to keep in mind that people have different setups with varying amounts of lag, and this happens offline. Of course, the amount is going to be nowhere near online, but people do have to adjust to it.

I find that… aside from unexpected added difficulty unique to the offline environment (neutral game changing, people listening to your inputs, etc.) things become easier. Hit confirms are easier; combos land more consistently; last-second inputs come out right on time. Shoryuken! No jumping today, my friend. We’re offline.


Basically the laggier it is, the more broad strokes the game becomes. So in this sense you might say that its a different game since the more frame perfect setups (and generally less escapable) are less likely to land whereas simplier more abuseble tactics get a few extra chances to success.

I guess on average, offline its harder to open someone up, and if you get opened up expect worse things to happen to you. Besides that, I haven’t played online in quite awhile, but I do remember 4 and especially 5 bars being not so bad. There’s plenty of vids of Smug doing sick ass setups online so it can’t be all bad.


I think theres a massive difference.

Even if you have a green bar connection the packets can be out even during the round so one
minute you can hit 1-frame link… the next time you cant.
Who knows who your playing against, it could be against someone whos sharing his connection, on wireless,
or has a flaky connection.

On even slight laggy connections I think the computer makes decisions for you, you may think your in control
of the character but your not its the net code.


WHat has helped me while playing online is that instead of looking for the matches manually I let the game find them for me while I play Arcade Mode on easiest. This allows me to practice combos offline, then practice match-ups online.


I have been doing great the last month playing on psn. I have tried to avoid playing with randoms and just stick to play with decent players on endless with 4 bars. The problem that I have had lately was dealing with blanka. Its very hard for me to aa on reaction when he jumps at me, plus the only thing I can do against his hop is to throw (I either throw, or tech). Also when blanka ex rolls while you are on ground in order to attack from behind you when you wake up, I find that very hard to block on reaction as well.
Are certain characters more prone to get an advantage over another while playing in an online environment?
The only way to test this is to play against good players offline and see what Ive been missing.


If you are stuck with online I do suggest picking up a used Xbox360 since SSF4 is going to be free soon. I have both consoles and the game for both, and the online experience on 360 for that game is much better and more playable. Just look up my gamer tag " ahdonye" on both systems and see the difference in the BP with Juri