SSF4 Rage Quitters Post (Pics/Tag Name/etc.)


I see this crap still continues even in Super.

al_chin89 - Juri Player/Use Color 10/Like to jump and dive kick, ex pinwheel as often as he scratches his balls


-.- It’s either someone raging in ranked or a host raging after losing in endless and team battle ending your streak happened to many times to me :/.


How do you take a pic of it when you can’t even start your camera and it’s gone?


Capture card.


ReaperSnake - Ryu player color black w/ gold gloves, was using U2

hoepfully I can find a camera handy soon.


These posts are always retarded. With thousands of players out there are people REALLY going to try to come here and try to memorize a list of players that they’ll probably never see? Seriously you got quit on, move the fuck on.


I see it as more of a place for people to vent and commiserate with each other, plus amusing rage stories inevitably come up. I don’t know anyone who actually uses these lists to check players against.


I’m going to rage quit just to get listed on here.


I quit win or lose yet never rage - does my handsome countenance qualify for this fine thread, good sirs? :wgrin:


If someone “rage quits” on you, does your win not increase? If it doesn’t, I can see why you are mad.


It doesn’t increase.

But why exactly would that make you mad? You know you won, just because there isn’t an extra digit added to your number of wins shouldn’t bother you. More than anything, just take satisfaction in that you trounced their face hard enough to rage quit.


Why do we care what color outfit they were wearing?


I get ragequitted on all the time, but I dont give a f*** about it. I dont understand why you guys do. Its a videogame, whats next, a police report? Imo, you guys are more immature than them.


idk. I think ragequitting saves us the embarrassment of another player, and it saves electricity on your behalf.



Bandanko (UK)
MagickKnight (UK)

Both text book ken flow charts. Quitting early during the second round when they figured out they can’t jump in without getting hit.


I love rage quitters, I take it as a compliment.


He used color #10? What an asshole!


instead of a rage quitter thread why not have a turbo user thread? , at the very least getting proof will be easier and would make a more interesting read and i would speculate there is more turbo use than rage quitting.


From my personal experiences, I’ve never gotten rage-quitters on the Xbox 360. They seem to only appear on the PlayStation 3. Nonetheless, the only things I get on the Xbox 360 are people sending me hate messages such as, “cheap ***”, “turbo ***” and another guy who apparently wasn’t too happy with my mix-ups with Ken, telling me that “kara throws r cheap”. Those are just the latest ones I’ve gotten so far.

And instead of rage-quitting, my opponents usually just leave their controller altogether and stand there, allowing me to beat them to death for free. I think it’s like the new rage-quit these days; just leave your controller and walk away. Good stuff. Let me know if any of you guys have run into people like these yet.

Oh and uh, this thread is totally pointless.


You need to rethink the word immature, as it most definitely applies to you. On the other hand, if you’re getting your shorts in a knot because, contrary to your belief, some people actually do care about rage quitting, then you might need to reconsider posting on a thread, dedicated to rage quitting.

Back on topic however, I don’t mind those who quit on me, my record is already thrashed from getting my head stomped in by my friend. At the same time though, these threads are amusing at least, and even if you don’t remember all the names, you’ll more than likely remember most of them. Unless of course you’re elderly and have no short term or long term memory due to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Just sayin.