SSF4 red bar issues in PSN. Before I used to get full green bars

I have verizon dsl 7.0 download speed, 0.75 upload speed. I did all the port forwarding, installed the game in the ps3, I use an ethernet wired connection, and everything was working nice. I used to find green bar opponents most of the time and the connection was damn decent, until now. As time passed I noticed that sometimes I only found red bar players, and when I made a room, nobody wanted to get in ( since I see only red bar players I assume Im also red ). I tried rebooting the modem, router, everything and nothing.
My question is: could the cause of this be the modem? Its a freaking old westell 6100 dsl modem, and Im wondering if that could be the culprit. I tried connecting the ps3 directly to the modem, but the message that " it cant find an ip address" popped up, so I went back plugging it to the router.
It wasnt like this before. Even the friends I have on my list are all showing me red bars, and I added them because they had full green ones in the first place before.

it’s the shitty netcode, rememeber every capcom game is made first on xbox platform then ported to ps3(except for wii exclusives of course), some peeps blame psn but is not true. The same thing happened to HD Remix, XBL version is very stable, i can’t tell the same thing about PSN version.

You know the reason could be that everybody now is playing SSFIV, that means SSFIV servers are working at full capacity

The truth is that psn is a decent online feature, you can play games without lag the most of the time, titles like killzone, uncharted 2, Call of Duty games, guitar hero, Resistance etc etc etc.

So if you want a great experience, just get a 360 :), just for the record i’m a ps3 lover, but capcom is just messing it up with us PS3 users.

In the other hand could be your Internet Service Provider, i heard that Verizon is not that good, remember great speed is not equal to low ping.