SSF4 Regional 5v5 exhibition?


Just wondering if EVO will be holding another regional 5v5 battle this year:

If so, we should do it fair and square. Like holding qualifiers at respectable tournaments/majors.




Team Japan wins.

Outside of that…whichever team had that Sakura player that was doing the resets. I liked that team. Um…yeah where da hell is Evo East and West? Come on Evo.


team wildcard dawg


Put me on Team International


I would like to be a part of Team Midwest. How do I apply? :wink:


Don’t call them, they will call you.


i am also interested in this. This was one of the most hype moments at evo last year.


lol japan isnt coming to EVO.

SBO is the same weekend hahahahaha


No it’s not.


i’m pretty sure that mistah whiz posted a ways back that there won’t be any regional qualifiers… but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a regional 5v5 like last year (which was awesome… Sabre is so gangstah)… i would also like to attempt getting on the Midwest team… they’ll prolly do some sort of deciding comeptition at MWC for that tho… we’ll see


This was one of the best parts of last year, not just the event itself but all the hype leading up to it, the fact that wc got upset made it really exciting.


That was an upset? Lol@anybody thinking the east didn’t have that shit locked.


It was more the fact that they got taken out by the Wildcard team that was the upset.

Hey is there a video of the SoCal match where the crowd started chanting “Gootecks Sucks!”, and then he fed off that and won his match? That was probably my favourite part of the whole thing, and it’s not on IGN.


I think it’s somewhere in there,have fun finding it though,it’s 3 hours long.

From what I remember Gootecks does EX dash punch armour cancel into Ultra to finish off the Sagat player(I think it’s Floe).The whole regional 5v5 was fucking hype in general and I hope to see it make it to EVO again.


Would Canada actually get a team this time?


Team Hawaii.


Can I be on team SW again this year? :wgrin:

That event was so much fun. I think it would be a big disappointment if it wasn’t held again.

More competition is always better right?



We can do the East Coast 5v5 Qualifier at ECT again this year if EVO would like.


I would also like to support this thread. I was watching this event on the stream last year and it was nice to see the variety of characters and styles(Sakura anyone?), and it was so hype the chat was exploding. This year I will be attending in person and would love to see this event.


5v5 regionals was mad hype last year… and also funny. Especially when the wc was talking so much shit about the east and got destroyed right away by the wildcard team lol!