SSf4 release gaming at Ross'

Hello Portlanders,

sorry for the late notice but I will be having games of ssf4 over at my place tomorrow starting at noon and going till whenever. I should have two full setups sometime not 100% what time the second one is showing but you all are welcome to come by and play, just give me a call before you head over so I know who is coming and what not. This should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to throw down with anyone who is about.

People who haven’t been to my place I live over near PSU (right on the park blocks)

1717 sw park ave
apt 924
Portland OR

5 0 3 7 0 2 8 2 1 8

Give a call and stop bye I hope to see some cats come over! Once again sorry for the late notice, but lets do this shit!

Man, you’re right on my way home from work, but I get off late Tuesday and work early Wednesday. I won’t be going out anywhere, but I wish. Good luck with this. Sounds like fun! No doubt there will be lots of gatherings this week. :slight_smile: