SSF4 Rose: Buffs & Nerfs



Hi all fellow Rose users!

I have been testing SSFIV Rose and I would like to share with you some of the changes I have noticed. Lets see:


  • cr HP: + 10 damage (SFIV 90 < SSFIV 100). Faster start up that allows to combo it after FADCing a Soul Spark and new counter hit combos (need frame data confirmation).
  • Soul Throw (all versions): + 20 damage (SFIV 140 < SSFIV 160).
  • Reflects: improved active frames window. HP Reflect can juggle with Soul Throw (FADC needed unless in the corner). Can also juggle with Ultra II (FADC needed unless in the corner).
  • Soul Sparks: faster recovery (unconfirmed, need frame data).
  • Ultra I: now you can combo it after EX Spark FADC consistently (BIG buff!!)
  • Ultra II: you can combo it after LP Spark/EX Spark FADC.
  • Ultra II: you can juggle it after HP Reflect (FADC needed unless in the corner).

Both Utras are hit confirmable using the cr LP, cr LK, cr MP xx EX SSpark, Ultra I/II combo. Quite strict but doable.

Ultra II is hit confirmable using the cr LK, cr LP xx HP Reflect, FADC (not needed in the corner).


  • cr LP: - 20 damage. 50% nerf! (SFIV 40 > SSFIV 20).
  • Soul Spark EX: - 30 damage (SFIV 65+65 > SSFIV 30+70).
  • fw+HK (Soul Piede): decreased reach in SSFIV.
  • cr HK (Sweep): increased recovery/disadvantage on block (need frame data confirmation).

The rest it is the same (for now). No stun changes at all for all attacks.

If you want me to test something, ask for it! Ill try to post results here as soon as possible.


I would love to see Rose trials walkthrough videos …


Nooooo, why did you get even more damage nerfs… Though I guess I don’t use EX Spark much anyway…

Oh, and are you sure that’s it? I swear that I saw the damage for cr.HP change from 90 to 100. Can you check that?


well, truth to be told, vanilla EX Spark inflicted a lot of damage to low stamina chars… I quite understand the nerf (lets hope all chars got the same treatment).

Ill check again this afternoon cr HP damage, but I think it is the same as vanilla one. Ill told you later.

@realill: almost all Rose trials are the same as vanilla SFIV; there are just a pair new ones with Soul Satellite nice combos.


so EX Spark now does 100 damage instead of 130? It better be more consistent to land both sparks against jumpers. Do normal sparks still do 80?

And please test Rose’s focus attack against a crouching Balrog/Boxer at “max range”. Too often in Nila did I use that on him at “max range” and it just completely whiffed through his gloves. Oh speaking of Balrog… Another thing I’d like to find out is if Rose can slide against Balrog’s overhead dash. There have been times where I’ve tried that, and I stop like I hit a brick wall, but he doesn’t get hit out of it and I get hit. I swear, that was one of the most glitchy and disappointing things about Nila.

Speaking of glitchy and disappointing things, ** see what you can do against Zangief’s lariat now that it doesn’t hit crouching players!** Like if works, or even spirals.


Reflect the same? Frames and absorb data.


i saw somewhere that her ultra would juggle with a hp reflect, is it true?


Is the range better on lk.SSpirals or does mk. connect after cr.lp,lp,lk,mpxxSSpiral.
Does F+hk hit OH and does it combo in any way to or cr.Mk



You are right, I missed the cr HP damage increase, now it inflicts 100 instead 90. I updated the first post.


Soul Sparks are the same, 80 damage 50 stun.
Balrog: The edge of the scarf still whiffs at max range, nothing seems to have changed about Rose Focus Attack hitbox… Also, slide still whiffs if done late, sorry :wasted:
Zangief: lariat hitbox is nerfed, now it only hit once on crouched opponent. Still weird, you can sweep him at almost any moment but you cant cr MP him until the very end of the lariat animation. You can cr HP him clean though. Spiral get stuffed.


Reflects seem to work better. I think all of them have now more active frames, allowing you to reflect projectiles later than before.


her Ultra I do not juggle, sorry. On the other side, her Ultra II juggles with Reflect BIG EDIT: in the corner you dont need FADC. Outside the corner you need to FADC the HP Reflect AND walk forward right afterwards to make orbs to hit.


range on spirals seems to be the same. her bnb combo (cr lpx2, cr lk, cr mp) only connects with EX Spiral on small characters BUT it connects with **regular ****HK Spiral **on big chars (Zangief, Hakan, T Hawk, Sagat…). But that also happened in vanilla if im not wrong…
fw HK do not hit overhead, and it is impossible to combo it in any way. Unfortunately, it range has been nerfed.


Man everybody keeps typing “p” for soul spiral. That move uses the kick buttons guys.

I’m not too surprised about the damage decreases, they did say that damage was lowered across the board except Dhalsim. We actually got increases for cr.HP and soul throw though, which is cool enough to make up for the other two decreases. Think I’ll be using EXs even less and stocking up for more super, which might be easier too with better reflects.


So with the changes to reflect, can it be used as a wake up, reflect more moves then just fire balls etc…? just wondering if it can do more then just fireball wars now with the other versions of it.

Just wondering if properties on them changes is all.


ouch, my mistake :slight_smile:

take into account that now EX Spark is 30+70, so now you can stuff a non EX projectile and still inflict nice damage with it… quite useful for firebal wars.


That’s a good point. Just 5 damage difference, but that’s one of the major uses of the move so yeah, actually a slight improvement in that situation.


IDK if the thread has it but most confirmed that her Backdash is nerfed but most ppl known this from earlier vids.
EX soul spiral needs invincible frames at the beginning. Hope that changed but I doubt it.


After an anti air f+hk what can you juggle now?


its the only explanation i can think about for that weird damage distribution between both hits… a 50+50 EX Spark would have been weak when used to stuff a non EX fireball projectile.

now, the overall damage is nerfed, but at the same time the “second hit fireball” damage increased… interesting.


Just slightly interesting. So that bit about far fierce is confirmed? That’s pretty great, I didn’t use the move much before.


far st HP feels more “solid” in SSFIV. The tip of the scarf still whiffs, but overall now it is a quite useful attack, similar to far st HK. Ill test it tonight with both versions to be completely sure. Ill also test backdash.


how could they have nerfed F.HK? That move only had a couple pixels more length than S.HK


did they bother giving her invincibility frames on anything this time around?