SSF4 Rose player (read: bad execution). Should I even attempt UMVC3?

Like it says in the header. Rose player, so I only do footsies and the only combo I know is c.strong into spiral. Don’t talk to me about divekicks or target combos, my brain can only deal with so much. My APM is shit tier.

Should I even try MVC? Or am I just setting myself up for grief?

You could always use simple mode. But that looks down upon…really only 9yr and under should be playing simple mode.

Mvc3 Isn’t too execution heavy compared to other games. It Just requires faster inputs than SF4. Give it a try…Oh yea…Good luck -.-

Well, you can try the easier characters and still be ok, I think.
Characters like Wesker, Hulk, Wolverine are pretty easy to pick
up imo. You can get Vanilla mvc3 cheap by now and try that one out.

Btw, I love your avi and name. That’s really why I posted here lol

I’m thinking Dorm/Wright/?? (maybe Doom, just to help PW get in).

I just like PW’s character design, so I’m trying to build a team around him. Dorm for battery and stalking flame into hard tag evidence gathering, then Doom beam to get in. Both Dorm and Doom look to be useable with poor execution (if Viscant can fuck up with Doom and win, I can too! Maybe.)

The last Marvel I played was XvSF, and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing back then, so here’s round 2.

Comments appreciated! Except for PW sucks. I know he sucks, I still want to play him. Hell, I still main Rose! Even if I never get that 1 frame link down.

He can be ok, I guess. Just as long as you don’t get hung
up on collecting evidence the whole match. I played people that
only do that and get blown up easily. He is fun, I’ll admit, and I use to
grin inside every time I’d beat someone with him. Also, his combos are
fairly easy, and the team you picked seems solid, so god speed if you
take the plunge.

I think this new marvel is quite easy in terms of execution you should definitely give it a go.

You should give it a go. Mvc3/Umvc3 only has four buttons plus assist 1 and 2.

Dude, that’s like… six buttons.

Yeah true its 6 buttons but you’ll mainly use light,medium,heavy, and special. Assists are usually not involved in a combo unless your trying to extend the combo with your assist. Thats why I didnt count the two assist buttons but your right its 6.

I won’t say don’t play PW because he sucks, but I will say don’t play a character that you think sucks when you’re trying to get used to a new system at the same time. Especially if you are starting the game after launch.

TBH I don;t think you will like marvel…

you can try MvC but this has nothing to do with your Rose skills at all
you might fare better at SFIV by picking another character

Alright I went out last night and bought the thing. I got about an hour in before bed, and tried the missions for Dorm, PW, Doom.

First thoughts and questions:

PW really does seem to be lacking in a lot of tools. But he’s the main reason why I want to play this game sigh. Now I know how those Kyosuke mains feel (oh wait there aren’t any)

DPs seem to be harder to get out, for some reason. Maybe I was just sleepy or something, but I kept getting standing L or black hole with Dorm when I wanted pillar. I’m wondering if it’s some input priority difference between SF and UMVC, or it’s a lot more strict on ending on the df, or what.

WTF is wavedashing and why should I care. Last I remember it was some Tekken thing, and then it was crouching just after you dashed in XVSF to go faster, but now that doesn’t seem to do anything either. Maybe that’s just my characters.

I got LMHS MMHS down ok, but it seems like it’s easier to just mash on the button until you see it, rather than to bother with timing the actual button presses like you were doing links. Maybe it’s a noob thing and I’ll get the timing down soon.

I kept doing qcf qcf PP for hypers. Duh. Muscle memory is a hard thing to break.

Stalking flame into hard tag into evidence seems too slow. Maybe I should DHC into Maya instead.

I’ll probably be taking it online tonight, to understand how 3 characters work together. Better get to losing those first 100 games fast!

I’m up to almost 90 losses and 25 wins :D. I mostly just play with friends online though.

There’s no df df shortcut in marvel.

The startup of dashes in marvel usually is faster than the ending of dashes in marvel. So you cancel the dash with a crouch and then immediately dash again to move faster. This is huge at high levels of Marvel because it makes you more mobile. Sentinel can’t get around Wesker super jump shot teleport xN without wavedashing underneath.

No, don’t worry about timing. But don’t literally mash it out. Consider it a target combo.

Just my $0.02: I played vanilla MvC3 on day 1 and played it hard for a month or two. When I picked SFIV back up I felt that my execution had actually improved.

Still sucking on execution of DPs. Meh. Don’t need to DPs to PRESENT THE EVIDENCE - PRESENT THE EVIDENCE

Just kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trying to get the Doom beam assist + Dorm teleport mixup, but it’s hard when I keep messing up on the RDP. Also trying to get Doom’s loops going - Doom’s LMHS MMS leaves me too far to do anything useful, but the Buk loop LMHS MM f.H ADDF is killing me - I can’t get the airdash out.

I saw another combo LMHS MM f.H S HS MM f.H S beam super, maybe I’ll focus on practicing that instead.

Ok another question - how do you instant air dash? I was thinking of picking up Joe a la Dieminion, but his IAD Voomerangs are harrrd. I can’t IAD properly at all - holding uf PPP doesn’t seem to work, nor uf~f (GG style). HOWWWW

Rose doesn’t have any difficult combos, no charge, multi press or one frames from what I remember, besides Soul Calibur 5 comes out in about a week so… get that instead. If you haven’t played UMvC3 it’s mostly about memorizing long strings of combos typically at least 20 inputs in order for you to do anything considered damage.

Maximilian has a good video about wave dashing. You sort of hold the direction down whilst hitting H and then roll your fingers to hitting both L and M.