SSf4 Round 1 vs round 2 fight stick? is there a diffent


hey i was thinking about buying a TE stick so i can mod it but wasn’t sure if there was a diffent other then the art work.can someone let me know


Nothing different.


Well, just throwing this out there first, I’m not sure what exactly you’re asking the differences of. Which Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Editions are you talking about? Not that it really matters anyway, I’ll be able to answer the question regardless.

All Mad Catz FSTEs are exactly the same in terms of swapping parts and artwork. However, the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FSTE has a different button layout on the terminal block which the quick disconnects attach to so you’ll have to do a bit of QD swapping to get the Street Fighter IV button configuration to work by default.

In addition, the Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition “S” comes with a few extra features never present on the original FSTE. Aside from an aesthetically more pleasing look, the FSTE-S also has the ability to lock the Start and Select/Back buttons with the lockswitch (the original ones couldn’t) and has a minor revision to the PCB which apparently makes it easier to solder directly to the PCB, but makes it kinda suck for people like Phreakazoid187 to make a custom PCB housing for it. :lol:

I’m not 100% sure about the lockswitch thing with the FSTE-S, but as for everything else, I’m 100% sure. If I were you, I’d save up for a FSTE-S because not only do you get the minor hardware revision, you also get a sexy looking case.


Although Phreakazoid187 already has the TEasy for TE S made.

And all Urban Wolf asked was about the original TE and the Round 2 TE.

I’m sure you know the original TE.
And I’m sure you know the Round 2; black Sides and black art.

And Ikagi-chan, you can swap the Sides between TE S and non-TE S.
I’ve done it.

All TE have every part interchangeable.
Except for the TE S PCB though, because of the Ground switching position.

But you are right about TE S having the Lock Switch now do Start and Back/Select.


Ooh, good catch on the interchangeable side bezels. I was referencing a photo of the original FSTE vs. the FSTE-S and for a second, I thought the TE-S couldn’t swap sides because it’s more boxy than the originally angular FSTE. Guess not though! :lol:

And I really have to get myself one of Phreakazoid187’s boards. Those look mad neat!