SSF4 Sagat bnb Combos



I figured that we should get some organization in our section since it seems like everything is being put into the “improvement thread”. So what new combos are you using now w/ the nerfs in place?


BnB Hit-Confirm Combos:

No meter -

cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.LP, HP TU (Most reliable combo against all)

cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.MP, HP TU (Character-specific, more damage)

One EX:

cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.LP, EX TU (This is the new BnB, you’ll always want to hit this, it does more damage than an Angry Scar HP TU. Makes Sagat feel worthwhile again)

cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.MP, EX TU (Character-specific, more damage)

There’s no point in even FADC’ing fwd+rh anymore, this BnB is one ex and does more damage than that. Also gives enough time to do a MK TK to cross to otherside, charge up, and continue pressure.

BnB Punish Combos:

No meter:

j.HK,, HK TK (Most damage for no ex now), HK TK (For punishing certain whiffed moves, not advisable for shotos since the HK TK whiffs first hit, so it’s better to do cr.LP, HK TK), HK TK (best option to use if at a bit of distance, since cr.MK has more nerfed damage than this. From 90dmg in Vanilla to 65, lol)

One EX:

j.HK,, EX TU (A bit more damage than HK TK ender, and I believe a bit more stun), EX TU (Guaranteed to work on all characters), EX TU (Guaranteed to work on all characters)


cr.LK, cr.LK, cr.LP, Hk TK

is good as well. decent enough damage without an ex bar gone.


Good info in this thread, thanks for those who contributed.

I wanted to know what you guys are using for good jump-ins? HK or MK? Also I noticed that a HK, s.MK is a three hit combo that does decent damage by itself… unforunately I don’t think you can link anything after that standing MK that hits twice. Against crappy players I just follow that up with a H.TK and even though that’s not a continous link combo - it does pretty good damage against someone who isn’t paying attention.


the clk clk clp TK combos will not always do full damage depending on the character

sometimes only the 2nd part of the knee will hit and you’ll end up doing a 120 dmg combo or something lol

sagat’s combos all require meter now to do anything sufficient

while everyone else can break 200+ dmg easy with no meter LOL


j.HK > s.HK > AS > TU (probably was doing ex upper now that i think about it…)
344 damage, that’s 20ish less than U2 hitting raw.

this is possibly the easiest scar combo I’ve done. first hit of roundhouse leaves opponent in a lot of hit stun so you have a lot of time to land the TU. that and its a lot easier to AS cancel off than c.lp
this combo is so easy, you can mash out the TU and still get it.
super super easy combo to input and pretty nice damage for one meter and a jump in.

could also link off s.lp… you get the idea.


j.HK>>HK TK is 333dmg/460 stun, while if you have one EX it’s better to go for j.HK>st.MP>EX TU since that’s 365dmg/484 stun. Your combo does 344dmg/460stun, so it’s obvious which is better.

Linking s.HK off s.LP is not guaranteed for the s.HK first hit to cancel since it needs to be damn close.


so its looking like AS is only going to be good for juggle and armor breaking?


And a deep-anti air. All Sagats should now try to do their TU as early as possible for anti-airs to get 160dmg off an HP TU, and if it trades at that height guaranteed FWD+RH. I’m using AS now mostly for the FWD+RH>Kara HP TU combo, since it reminds me of the good ol’ times in vanilla and is flashy.


Every now and again I’ll activate AS in a tense moment as soon as I see any movement of the other character. It gives a lot of time for you to get ready to punish. Plus it might get the other person to do something after?
I dunno…


st.lp, st.lp, for sexy points. (176 dmg / 260 stun)


Activating AS can certainly change someones approach… most probably turtle more, if they’ve got a brain.


hopefully there is another use for it or a gimmick, i guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I’m having a hard time comboing off of s.HK … any tips? I’ve seen it done in videos but it just goes into the second frame and connects for a 2-hit combo everytime before I can do something else with it.

You’re supposed to take s.HK and then go into a Tiger Uppercut or Tiger Knee motion, right?


You have to be close so it can cancel, even if it was a bit far off and the first hit connected and you tried to cancel, it won’t happen. It has to be close then it will cancel. It’s pretty gimmicky.

Edit: Found a decent use for it, great to use after a tigershot>FADC since the first hit will cancel (if you’re close enough) and it’s the most damaging normal that will connect and can be special-cancelled other than which will whiff after a tigershot FADC.

Damaging combo 2 EX bars:

j.HK>>High TS>FADC>st.HK 1st hit>HK TK 409dmg/570stun

(FFuuu…1st hit of HK TK whiffs against some of the cast, a list should be made. If you’re facing a character the 1st hit of TK whiffs against, just do j.HK>>EX TS 365dmg/484stun, or if you want the extra 90 stun for 2 ex, j.HK>>High TS FADC>st.HK 1st hit>HP TU for 373 dmg/570stun)

Damaging combo 3 EX bars:

j.HK>>High TS>FADC>st.HK 1st hit>EX TU 433dmg/588stun

Exchange all j.HK with neutral j.HP for more damage (since neutral j.HP does 140) but it whiffs on some stunned characters (Sakura, etc.).

#15 upper-fadc-roundhouse-ultra good jump in to ultra if the hk connects, big damage.


If you wanna combo into AS TU, you can do :qcb:+:hk: and it’ll register as st.HK, then :qcb:+:hp: for angry scar, then when you recover you can TU really easily


OK had some time to kill so I tested the Hk tiger knee 1st hit whiff character specifics. Tests were done by a, xx hk tk for jump in combo purposes. Then just close xx hk tk for whiff punish combos. Everyone connected both hits with xx hk tk

Both hits connect with these characters
Fei Long

Attack normal that will make 1st hit of Hk tiger knee whiff *denotes jump in attack needed for both tk hits to connect.*,*


Thanks a lot for the list nemo, very helpful. And it only works on 12/35 characters? Fuck this shit. I’m all for character-specific combos, but this shit is too specific.


Np. If you use that works with almost everyone except for Juri.


help with Sagat links

this dude’s links are significantly harder than other characters I’m used to. I’ve played SF very casually in the past so I know lots of generalities, but for all intents and purposes linking is relatively new to me. I main Chun and her links aren’t that bad. W/ Sagat it feels like its hard to get a grip on if I’m doing it too fast. If I very my speed even slightly I either end up chaining them, or having HUGE holes in the middle of my links. This is one my main problems with my sagat as it prevents me from having strong footsies because I can’t hit confirm anything. Advice? Please if you can be more specific than “just practice” lol. Is there any system you guys have found to help you get the link timing down with him consistently?