SSF4: Sagat thread



Well no information or even thread was made so I made one.

All info and stuff about Sagat goes here? thoughts? perdictions?


My thought for you is to stop making threads


they probably gana make him less powerful


My prediction on Sagat’s balances (and every current character as well) is that the only changes that are going to be made is that his damage will be scaled and maybe his Ultra not fully connecting in the corner.

I do see some other characters move attributes being changed to be given an overhead such as Vega.


TU -> f.RH is gone. ch.TU -> non-ex TK too.

That’s all the balances that I think he needs.


gotta be first to make the thread oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


ya watch this shit not come out for another year. i hope this thread dies. Super hasn’t been formally announced and you already are posting this.

can you teach me how to be cool? :coffee:


Thye need to give him cross overs, make him fast as hell and high priortiy throws. Nothign needs to be removed from sagat, just additions.





Anyway, Yoshinori Ono mentioned something about “tweaks and balance” and, since Sagat is really, really good in Street Fighter IV, go figure. In any case, I just hope that Capcom does not entirely trash the character.


Nothing needs to be changed. Leave the King as is.


Only thing I see reasonable in tweaking & balancing Sagat is by scaling his damage. Otherwise it’s all good.


Honestly, I do not think he needs many changes. Maybe reducing the priority of his jumping medium punch…and make it so his ultra fully connects in corners…


well ono said he made tweaks and changes based on community feedback, therefore, sagat is almost garunteed to get a nerf


I don’t see them making any significant changes to Sagat outside of some minor damage scaling… but even that’s a stretch. Sagat is not OP.


well sagat players wont think he’s OP

but a vast majority of the community does, and if Ono is indeed taking the community’s suggestion on what to tweak…i dont see how sagat is NOT going to get nerfed


I agree, and I really hope this is the way it turns out. I think if this were to occur, all of the Sagat-hating scrubs would have nothing to bitch about.


if you dont think sagat is OP’ed im sorry but your just wrong…now im not saying hes unbeatable or broken, just a bit too powerful… think about him in comparison to ryu for instance…

on a trade DP, ryu can only add either an
EX hado for 100 extra damage,
super for 250, or
ultra for a MAX of 355, and thats a fully charged ultra,
with no meter ryu cant do a thing.

Sagat in the same situation can with NO meter do F+ RH for 140!
with 1 ex he can F+ RH then EX TS for 220 (almost ryu’s SUPER) or
everybody’s favorite, F+RH plus ultra, damage varies where you hit it but does around 500ish! off a trade!!!

then it gets really messed up when you consider that sagat has MORE FREGGIN HEALTH THAN RYU! if you can read that and not think he needs some nerfing, well…your going to be disappointed when SSF4 comes out, because nerfs are definitely coming.

my main problem is his ultra does way too much damage for such an easy move to combo into. if you look at ryu’s ultra, yes its very easily combo ed into, but it does about 200 less damage and isnt the HUGE momentum shifter that sagats is. Basically ide like to see ultra damage scaled back and his F+ RH not juggle-able after trades or to be able to do 2 in a row (which is just retarded) into ultra. other than that, i guess hes ok…


We’ve been doing this song and dance since February dude… A says Sagat is OP, B says he aint, both give reasons why… shit goes back and forth for a while before dissipating, neither side having proven anything.

Just leave it already.


Sagat is soooo overpower!!! wait on the second thought…he’s not really, but hell his hk… YES HE IS OVER POWER!!!..but he’s slow…MAYBE HE"S NOT… but wait he can connect ultra so eassily…but wait ryu can do that too… but WAIT…