SSF4 Shanghai

Anyone play SSF4 acade in Shanghai? Looking for mates to play together, I usually go liehuo or fengyun during the weekend

Hey dude, I’m a fairly decent Smash Bros player in Shanghai looking to get into contact with any Capcom Fighting Game players I can find.

I have already gathered a few Smash Bros players with the help of my buddy Azotal, and my plan is that I want to start running tournaments consisting of Smash 4 and (most likely) Street Fighter V, upon release.

Would you be willing to meet up? I could teach you Ryu in SSB4 and you can teach me SF4 fundamentals perhaps? Plus I know a few Street Fighter IV university players in the area, that I can hook you up with too. :smile:

Hey man,

I am a SF4 player in Shanghai and I am definitely interested in meeting new players!
Me and my friend usually meet on Wednesday nights to play, or sometimes on weekends. Sure, we can walk you through the fundamentals of the game and teach you a few characters. Also yes, I you can hook us up with some Street Fighter IV players that’s great :wink:

Do you use Wechat? I can mp you my ID so we can talk further.
PS: we’re both located in Changping/Jing’an district.