SSF4 should be on xbox 360 not ps3


Even Justin Wong said there is a bit of input lag on the ps3 system and lets be honest it looks like shit on the ps3 .I know that tekken is on ps3 and its cheaper AND EASIER TO use just 1 console but im sure microsoft wouldnt mind sponsoring the consoles especially all those fixed RROD consoles


I already made a thread about this before but the bottomline is that Microsoft didn’t step up like Sony did, so they’re the ones to blame.


Out of curiosity, what did Sony/PS3 do that Microsoft wouldn’t? Did they provide a bunch of consoles way back or more than that?


Go negotiate with Microsoft and try to get them to give you thirty Xbox 360s and let’s see how far you get with that.


there using a ps3 for sthd and mvc2 now also.its now the tournament standard,i use them at mine and get complaints to no end to use 360.personally i just want a pc version so everyones controllers work and the graphics/speed are all top shelf.


Please blow up my face.


You’re sure Microsoft wouldn’t mind, huh? OK

lockkkkkkkkkkkkk. Evo is sponsored by Sony apparently so it doesn’t matter if the 360 versions are better ports, they aren’t getting used by Evo. This has been discussed plenty already


I would love to see EVO use 360… Cause I only own a 360 stick… -.-

Im effed


I’m so sick of this PS3 vs Xbox argument. Who cares what it’s played on, you guys aren’t paying for the consoles.


Why would they play on 360s? So it can RROD in the middle of the tournament?


With the surge in pad players there are going to be a bunch of issues with the ps3 pauseing mid game from people who forgot to disconnect there pads properly. That wouldn’t happen with wired 360 pads but does with the standard “wired” ps3 pad. Either play on xbox or ban standard ps3 pads.


It’s easy to disconnect a ps3 pad. It’s tough to replace an RROD xbox. Ps3 > 360


With how cheap madcatz TE’s are these days, there’s no excuse to own both systems and not own 2 sticks.


Asus and alienware seem like a good match for sponsorship,that’s who I would be in negotiations with.alienware and capcom are tight and evo is probably the biggest free advertising Asus has ever gotten ever.if that’s not chocolate and peanutbutter then I don’t know what the fuck is.hell even if you could only get Asus onboard they make fuckin dope gaming PC’s aswell.cmon the arcade is a PC basically why even fuck with shitty consoles.


Also I don’t understand why capcom would support Sony in anything related to fighting games.if Sony had gotten their way in 1995 they would have erased the whole 2d genre off of the face of the earth.


Forget SSF4…HDR is the one that should be on 360 since th3 PS3 version is buggy as all hell.


Useless fanboy thread is useless. Sony sponsored the event. In vanilla it was easier to unlock everything on the ps3s and many people still use ps2 sticks which were easier to adapt to a ps3 without lag. In short, it’s just easier on ps3. If you are really a hardcore tournament player get your stick dual modded or just get a second te for ps3. Your bitching is not gonna get them to change to 360.


EVO is on the PS3 because it is the superior console.

/end topic




Fuck PS3