SSF4 Singles Tourney (RanBat 1.3) Alex's Arcade, Santa Ana, Ca June 27th!

SSF4 Singles Tourney(Ran Bat 1.3!) @ Alex’s Arcade, Santa Ana, CA

Street Fighter 4 Singles Tournament! Saturday, June 27th, 2010! This is the continuation of Alex's Arcade's first ever Ran Bat Season 1! This is part 3 and the first Super Street Fighter 4 RanBat at Alex's Arcade. (AA RanBats). 

*Note: I will most likely start an official thread for Ranbats or a page, so look for that in the future!*

HOW IT WORKS: Ran Bats will run like this: Top 8 will earn points. $5 is the entry. $3 will go to the immediate pot which is paid out after the tournament ends and $2 will go to a grand pot that will be paid out at the end of the season. (which looks like sometime in October after part 6) Top 3 is awarded the payouts both the immediate payout and the grand payout. **(Rules subject to change)

**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT TOURNEY FEE: $7 ENTRY FEE = $2 VENUE + $2 season pot + $3 immediate pot **

There will mostly likely going to be two set ups (2 EVO Set Ups embedded in arcade cabs). Losers bracket and some winner’s bracket games will be on 2nd set ups. Please bring your own stick if you can. The systems are PS3s. Event may be streamed, but will be recorded.


- Sign ups start @ 12PM, Tournament starts @ 1PM (No Pre-reg this time, but in the future)

- Entry Fee = $7 ($3 to pot, $2 to grand pot at the end of the season, $2 Venue)

- 32 Man Cap (36 Max)

- You are allowed to change characters throughout the tournament.

- Loser may switch characters, but Winner must stick with their character they just won with. Ultra changes are allowed. 

- Double Elimination (Winner's Bracket/Loser's Bracket)

- Winner's Bracket and Loser's Bracket will be 2/3

- Loser's Finals is 3/5, Winner's Finals will be 3/5.

- Grand Finals will be 3/5, Loser has to win 2 sets to win.

- Top 8 will be rewarded ranking points (places 1,2,3,4,5,5,7,7)
- 1st: 7 points; 2nd: 5 points; 3rd: 4 points; 4th: 3 points; 5th/5th: 2 points; 7th/7th: 1 point

- Pot will be split 3 ways to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
- 1st: 60%; 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 10%

These are the rules until further notice! Things will be much more organized in the future ran bats and rules may be changing in the next Ran Bat.

Come showcase your skills. Prove your number 1! or 2 or 3! Good way to prepare for EVO2k10. Get Hype!

Remember Alex's Arcade also features other arcade games such as: MvC2, CvS2, KOF, SFA2, SF3S, SSF2Turbo, and they even got a foosball table!

*RESULTS!!! from June 19th RanBat 1.2 (Great Turnout guys!)

1 Tatsujinken (Vega) - 7p
2 JayceTheAce (C.Viper, Ibuki) - 5p
3 TheButler (Dhalsim, Balrog) - 4p
4 Marc (Ryu) - 3p
5 AyoChip (M. Bison) - 2p
5 Unprotected Sex (Rufus) - 2p
7 RichardNguyen (Akuma) - 1p
7 Duy Nguyen (Balrog) - 1p

Hosted by Andrew Strife & Duy Nguyen

Top 8 for AA RanBat 1.3****

1 AndyOCR (M. Bison) - 7p
2 Tatsujinken (Vega) - 5p
3 Duy Nguyen (Balrog, Guile) - 4p
4 Jayce The Ace (C.Viper) - 3p
5 Oscar The Answer (Juri) - 2p
5 Richard Nguyen (Akuma) - 2p
7 Kitori (Cammy) - 1p
7 Comatose Cowboy (Akuma) -1p

Current Standings:** (updated June 27th, 2010)

  1. Tatsujinken - 12p
  2. Marc (Jacka07) - 8p
  3. Jayce The Ace - 8p
  4. AndyOCR - 7p
  5. ChivasChivas - 7p
  6. Duy Nguyen - 5p
  7. Andrew Strife - 4p
  8. The Butler - 4p
  9. Comotose Cowboy - 4p
  10. Richard Nguyen - 3p
  11. Oscar The Answer - 2p
  12. Evan - 2p
  13. NamHo - 2p
  14. Ayochip - 2p
  15. UnprotectedSex - 2p
  16. B.L. - 1p
  17. JPBIZ (Jack10) - 1p
  18. Kitori - 1p

Reserved for results

I’ll be coming to this. =]

My brother and I should be coming to this now that it is Sunday.

Know what I noticed about the last top 8??? 6 asians and 2 white dudes… haahah!

@Kit and Newty: Hope to see you guys make it out!

I’m glad it got switched to Sunday. I wanted to sign up for last weeks, but couldn’t get off work early enough. Now I don’t have to worry.

I might be able to make it this Sunday, it depends on my ever changing work schedule. Hopefully I can!

you guys suck i have Church on sundays… i’m like the only Christian gamer lol.

This place should have some black people

up the fee to 10

dude I’m half Chinese and white so I should totally be in top 8.

@Blaqskillz: Why don’t you come on down here with Christian then Paul? haha.

@Christian, you want us to up the fee so you can come in and make a quick buck??? haha. I don’t think it’ll be easy just by looking at the top 8 from last time. Andy and Dustin are going this Sunday too. But, if you use T. Hawk, you might be able to take the whole tourney hands down. hahaha.

@Namja: I’m a Christian gamer too but Church ends at 12pm for me :slight_smile: it’s called GO TO THE MORNING SESSION!!! DUH! I know every church has a 9 o’ clock service or a time around that. Don’t make excuses.

@Kit: sure, battle your way there then. hahaha. Show them what hybrid gamers are made of.

@Everyone: 2 days left till the tourney!! Remember its SUNDAY! not Saturday. Hope to see some of you guys there! Duy should be there before me at 12PM with a sign up sheet and I’ll arrive after attending CHURCH around 12:30PM.

Get Hype

Results are in!!

Top 8 for AA RanBat 1.3****

1 AndyOCR (M. Bison) - 7p
2 Tatsujinken (Vega) - 5p
3 Duy Nguyen (Balrog, Guile) - 4p
4 Jayce The Ace (C.Viper) - 3p
5 Oscar The Answer (Juri) - 2p
5 Richard Nguyen (Akuma) - 2p
7 Kitori (Cammy) - 1p
7 Comatose Cowboy (Akuma) -1p

AndyOCR reclaimed his title as Alex Arcade Champion. As he decisively defeated Tatsu in Winner’s Final 3-1 and then 3-2 in Grand Finals after Tatsu defeated Duy Nguyen 3-1 in Loser’s Finals. Congrats to AndyOCR!

I was so sad when I was one game away from Top 8! :confused: Better luck next time for everyone who didn’t make top 8, even me!

GGs to everyone that was there.
I had a great time and I’ll be sure to make it out to this regularly.
Hopefully next time my bracket wont be a ton of boxers.