Ssf4 stage concept


you might have seen this in the ssf4 section before.

i have contined tweaking it since it was posted there and here it is now:

i had a few ideas for interactivity on this stage too.

splashes in the water (just an inch or so deep)
rocks crumbling and then mini rock falls across the fighting area (no collision detection -just for show)
dust and crumbs falling from the roof on small knockdowns
stalagtites cracking off and falling down,smashing to bits on impact below (on big knock downs)

i’ve had some other ideas for stages but cant find a way to show them like i managed to do with this stage
(i stuck bits of photos together for this one)


Reminds me of Oro’s stage and one of Akuma’s cave stages. I think SFA3 Akuma.

I am a big fan of seeing fighters duke it out in a pond of inch deep water (similar to Akuma’s Capcom vs SNK stage in nature.)


yes, yes and yes all three of those stages are very similar.

the funny thing is the idea for the stage came about from me trying to think of stages that could have better interactivity than the ones in sf4.