Ssf4 stage sizes

on the shadowloo stream one of the commentators said that mago picks the overpass stage because it’s the smallest stage, easier to corner people. is that true? do stages have different sizes in sf4???

This is a good question… I had thought that all the stages would have been the same size for fairness sake, but never really put any thought into it.

It’s not unusual for FGs to have different stage sizes. SFII also had different stage sizes. IIRC Vega’s (claw) stage was the smallest and Blanka’s was the biggest.

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the diner stage in Arcade Vanilla was longer than console/PC versions of the game, and even AE on arcade hardware. In arcade SFIV, there was a car on the left side of the stage (after the pickup truck) which had a destructible bonnet. This is missing from the console/PC version, and from Super/AE. The stage also doesn’t extend as far beyond the bouncing car in the right corner. The same may be true for other stages.

I would think they’d be all the same size, but who knows?