SSf4 stick or TE Round 2 stick (PS3 version)


Hi guys I’m new to Street fighter and I wanted to get a stick but I can’t decide which one between these 2. The thing is, I live in Canada more precisely in Montreal and finding sticks here is pretty hard without it being overpriced. I’ve been looking forever to find a TE stick. I read the SSF4 stick thread and it said the the new stick has a new pcb. What was the problem with the pcb of the Round 2 anyways. If the Round 2 stick is fine, I think I’ll just buy this one if there is some problems with it I think I’ll wait for the SSF4 one.


The Round 1s had issues with the PCB. The round 2s have the same PCB but without the issues. SSFIV’s pcb probably just has it to where you can lock the start and select buttons, thats about it.


Round 2 tends to have buttons issues and so on with a lot of people. I also am new to the sf4 scene and joystick scene, but I have a round 2 and mine hasn’t had a single issue yet. I ordered the FF TE(white female one) from the 20% off deal. My friend in the states just sent it out and I’ll be receiving it tmrw hoping it won’t have any pcb issues with it. =( It’s all up to you. If you don’t mind waiting then why not get the new SSF4 one? Or even better yet! GET SOMEBODY TO BUILD YOU A CUSTOM ONE! =O You could dual mod it or ask them to put whatever you want in it. =] Also they are lighter and much more coooler. I wish I didn’t spend 200 on my TE round 2 cuz i’m in canada also. But I can’t complain since theres no issues with it. I like how you can change the artwork and so on though whenever you get bored of your old one. But then again you can do that with the new one also

Here’s my joystick

But as I said if you don’t mind waiting then get a SSF4 one. If you want it now get the TE round 2 and hope it has no issues, OR get a custom one from one of the custom builders and you’ll be in heaven! =] Wish I went on this website before I got my TE round 2 or else I woulda got a custom built one and just got it dual modded for me. =O


round 2’s still have some of the issues though. =(


Really? Hmm that’s odd is it the same issues as the Round 1’s? Or is it a set of new issues, I bought the R2s jsut because I thought the R1s were still having issues. I wonder if Mad Catz still supports sending out R1/R2 PCBs if they are found to have issues over time.


I had a friend who had the issue when we got our te’s on the same day at the same place. o_o maybe it’s just a small portion that get it? I’m scared for my life because I don’t know how to solder and I’m getting in a FF TE. For me to get it dual modded means I have to send it out and get it back + paying for the person to do it for me… thats like 100+ to get a dual modded for me…


What was the issue with the pcb? I read some other thread and I see it has button issues but it’s for the xbox one though or am I mistaken?

Thing is when SSF4 stick come out, I’ll have to wait for a long time before I can find it in Canada.


Round 2 has same problems as the original.


Well what was the problem with the Round 1?


There have been a small number of units when the TE first came out, mostly the 360 version, that had an issue with the PCB where a button or joystick direction would fail to work. In the rare event that this happens, as long as you’re still under warranty you can send it back to Madcatz to have it repaired.


I see but how often does the PS3 version fail?
Should I still get the Round 2?


I see but how often does the PS3 version fail?
Should I still get the Round 2?

Oh snap didn’t meant to double post.


It comes down to price and looks really. I hear that mad catz will still support you after your warranty wears off. Its just a pcb issue so just ask for them to send you a new one and solder it on yourself. PS3 version shouldn’t fail since we havent had any cases of them failing. If you plan to dual mod, buy the 360 version. It’ll save you from having to pad hack.

nammerz how does the full plexi feel? I wish I had a black bezel so I can plexi mine with some art my girlfriend makes for me.


Alright guys, I’ll order the Round 2 one and hope that mine doesn’t have any issues. If the SSF4 stick comes out, it would be a long time before it will be available here in Canada. Thanks for all the help!