Ssf4 te fightstick will not turn on! help?

my te wont turn on. i only had it for 2weeks. i put it in my pc nothing so i thought maybe i need a driver, still nothing i then put it back in my xbox and i cant turn it on with the guide button.i turn my xbox manually the te doesnt turn on…any ideas how to fix this?
i also modded my buttons, does the connector wires have to go a special way or just color order?

Have you checked the breakaway connector?

how and where is it?

Near the end of the usb cable (a few inches from the end), it’s a small section designed to break off in case you trip over it or something, make sure it’s fully attached.

oh! no its connected i even put the xbox wired one on and still nothing.

i called madcatz and there sending me a replacement pcb security chip. is there any vids or guides on how 2 remove that