SSF4 TE Fightstick

Hi I was curious about this fight stick. Is modding it the same as modding the normal Ssf4 TE fightstick. Just as modding the artwork and the buttons go

yeah pretty much. i heard the pcb is refined so that it is harder to dualmod? i could be wrong but art and buttons are the same. the template might be different (i doubt it) so use this template:

Download TE_S Mockup Template 1.4.rar from - send big files the easy way

and here is a simple guide on how to put custom art:

The main differences between the new and old PCB is the fact that when you hit the lock switch on the new one, it keeps the start and select/back buttons locked. Its also more reliable. Madcatz uses the same buttons/stick that they used for the TE. I heard the older sticks are easier to add custom art and stuff, because you have more options with plexi.