SSF4 TE modification


I just purchased a ssf4 te arcade stick and was wondering if i could modify it with a 8y gate? Do i have to replace the stick with a jlf and then add the gate? I have modified an sf4 se with completely with sanwa parts but, after watching so many youtube videos that show so many contradicting statements i have opted to wait to get help.

For the te sticks, just replace the gate.

TEs already have all Sanwa parts. This is why you don’t need a new joystick. Just a new gate if you want octagonal. You already have a JLF in there. And actually, an 8Y fits on the stock SE joystick. It’s just a mockup of the JLF design with worse parts. The square gate is the same as the The JLF-8F without the ability to make it dedicated 4 way.

A lot of weird talk in this Thread.

The Mad Catz TE already has Sanwa JLF inside.
So it be really weird to replace the JLF with another JLF to replace the Restrictor Gate with another Restrictor Gate.

All you have to do is swap the stock GT-8F with the GT-Y.

And what videos are you watching?
I don’t think there are any contradicting.

one4gottensoul and Nerrage, there is no such thing as 8Y Restictor Gate.
Nerrage, there no such thing as JLF-8F.


thanks for the response it is greatly appreciated. my main concern was opening the arcade stick and not being able to change the gate on it.

I still want to know which videos you were watching.

Your Joystick already should have this:

You pull that off and replace it with this:

And if you are like me, and find octagon makes it hard to figure out if you are pressing back or down back, go back to this:

buy here:

Whats the point of changing the gate? How does it help?

Depending on who you ask it is placebo or preference. For me it hurts, but for those who where used to a round gate happ, it is a compromise.

I still don’t get it. Does it have anything to do with the motion or something? I googled it but didn’t get any reasons for it.

It’s just like it sounds. The 4 way gate has four corners, whereas the octagon gate has 8 corners. Some people seem to have trouble doing QCF motions on a square (4 way) gate because it is “blocky.” With an octagon gate, the motion is easier for some because their are more corners to press the joystick against, thus feeling more like QCF.

Square is 8-Way.
Octagon is 8-Way.
Circle is also 8-Way.

Yeah, by 4 way, I meant it has 4 corners on the gate.

Many People Like the round feel to sticks since many played SF2 Back in the days in the arcades and that is just what they are used to. Mater of preference i guess.

You can make the stock square gate 8-way on a TE since it’s a Sanwa GT-8F.