SSF4 TE-S Lock Switch Broken


My friend has a black TE-S for the ps3 where his start/select and home buttons do not work. Moving the lockswitch does nothing. Is there a way to completely disable it or does anyone have an idea of where something may have shorted out?


With the slider moved to ‘unlock’, does the turbo button and home button work?
If ‘yes’, but start and select still dont work, there’s a connection problem between the button distro board and the main board. Either locate the break and fix it, or short KGND and GND on the button distro board. That would make start and select always work.
If not, then the slider switch itself is fubar somehow. The same short mentioned above would completely bypass the lock switch for all four buttons.


Yes, the slider doesn’t work as turbo and anything that normally locks when the switch is on is permanently disabled. So all we will have to do is solder a small wire between GND and KGND on the board underneath the turbo button?


Better to do it on the button distro block. Massive, easy to access points, no sensitive electronics anywhere near it.


Best to do what toodles sudgest, the button distrobution block is the best spot to tie gnd and kgnd together.

It would look like this when you are done


I finally got to work on it today, I couldn’t find a kgnd on the pcb, but I did find that where the lock switch was there was a glob of solder on two of the points. I removed some of the solder and it works now. Thanks for the help.


I have exactly the same problem. could you post a picture showing where exactly did you remove the solder?