Ssf4 te s stick for u64emu? (killer instinct)

Hi all ,please help me lol, has anyone used the ssf4 te s stick (xbox360 version) to play killer instinct on either u64emu or MAME??

I am able to map the buttons no problem but not the stick movements!!! :frowning: , its really doing my head in now :frowning: as i NEED to play some retro killer!

cash reward to anyone who has the answer hehe

thanks all

pm sent

^Now that is a amazing program, thanks.

You need to go into the options in mame (TAB) to map the keys. I used my TE stick for mame till i made a MAME stick (2 happ pro and 6 24mm buttons)

Thanks to everyone trying to help me out ! respect to you all guys! , equlizer - i have tried that all ready , ci581 - have pm’ed u back , and kubebot - that program looks perfect!! am just about to try it now thanks a million (everyone)

i cannot get that joytokey software to work , once i have defined the keys ect , how do i make killer instinct use the setup?? do u have to put the created file some where?

Umm, tried changing the stick to another mode? If set to act as the left analog stick switch it to act as the D-pad or the other way around.

thanks for your answer Mayhem , i have tried all 3 settings however none of them work :frowning: , its so god damn unfair lol! ,have any of you guys got it (ssf4 TE S) working with this game?

just thought I chime in since I finally figured this out with alot of hours of research.

Get Xpadder and then setup your stick and then have it emulate wasd and it should work fine. Just finished playing a round of KI2 myself.