SSF4 Team Battle challenge



My cousin and I were foaming at the mouth waiting for Team Battle. Now that it’s here, we’re kind of let down. Not because it was poorly implemented but because it’s hardly played by anyone else. Most of the people that come into the matches are pretty scrub. I know that we all have to start somewhere and everyone is entitled to play the game. By no means am I pro but we’re just looking for more of a challenge. If you’re interested, send me a message on XBL.


The Diablo Two’s accept your challenge! You will be hearing from me on xbl!


As for any1 else. We accept all challenges with good connection. The Diablo II’s play at our privately owned arcade, on custome cabinets. I was acctually upset when there wasnt a team leaderboards or team rank matches of some sort. We want to game, and we want to play people who are as serious as us when it comes to team battles!


I’m down for a team battle on XBL. Gamertag: vmoney48


I’m down, but I’m not that good and on the west coast… XBL: WETPETS


sorry guys, the internet was out for the past 2 weeks at our arcade but its up and running, so we will be accepting all team battles again. just add me on xbl


When is the next throw dwn? Im in


I’ll play once my internet is fixed


I would love to get in, I hope my brother or my friend is down for it…


Im down always shoot me a message on Live


I completely agree with you, I live in a smaller size city in canada so you can only imagine how little the street fighter community is here… i think like 10-20 people at most… Anyway msg me on xbox live for some team battles, I really need some good competition.