SSF4 - The backdash

I’ve seen people backdash on me as a wake up option and sometimes make it safely out of my character’s pressure (Makoto). I would like to know if it’s actually a safe option, or when to use it.


Most backdashes on wakeup are ultra-punishable with a good amount of the characters – that is, if you know its coming. The best way to beat a backdash is to option select(there’s that word) your next attack on their wake up. Or if you definitely know your opponent is gonna backdash, hit em with a dash punch.

Thanks for the info, so little players use it on Live, and well watching tournaments… There is a few of these… but I guess I’ll check this out in training mode

You need to OS to solidly beat backdashes, even then if they’re chunli, makoto or what not you won’t always beat them. If you just want to attempt to beat the backdash, then you can MP hayate, F.HP or dash and beat them. OSing gives you the option of doing what you normally do and also covering their option automatically if they decide to backdash.

I know what Option select is, but I think my skill level is still too low to succesfully apply it… and plus, I wouldn’t know how to find them. Any way to list some of Makoto’s option select? Or a link to a list?

Thanks again

The Makoto sub-forum here on SRK can probably help you (SFIV series >> Super Street Fighter IV >> Makoto)

i’ve found there are three other pretty good uses for backdashing aside from naked wakeup backdash.

  1. backdashes are good to change your spacing quickly. applications are to mess up enemy’s jump in spacing (you can also try a forward dash if they are trying to cross you up), or to help you avoid trap setups (like akuma’s air fireball), or in footsies.

  2. it can help make a move safer, like rose’s drill…

  3. it hasn’t been mentioned that a focus backdash can help to avoid certain wakeup guessing games like ryu’s cross up tatsu or front jump in. even if you get hit you get reset b/c you are in the air during the backdash and don’t eat a full combo.