SSF4: The League (San Diego)


The Box Arena is proud to present:
SSF4: the League

League Schedule

9628 Carlton Hills Boulevard
Santee, CA 92071-1414

We are going to hold a season complete with stats, team captains, drafts, trades and even a playoff tournament. We will have 8 teams each headed by a top player of San Diego. From there, each “Team Captain” will draft other players and form a 5-man team. During the months of January and February, we will hold scheduled matches among teams. Each team will get a chance to play everyone else.

I want to stress this will be much different from all other team tournaments or how teams are even played out. Each team will have an A player, B player, C player, D player and E player. Each letter grade associates with player skill. When team matches are being held, A plays A, B plays B, C plays C, and so on. Before the league even starts, schedules will be posted so everyone knows who will be fighting who.

The Box Arena is now taking signups. E-mail or PM/aim/facebook me and we’ll get you in the league.

For Team Captains (A-player):

Anyone who is interested in being a Team Captain, please put that in the subject of the E-mail. Here are a few requirements to be a captain:

  • Good player of San Diego.
  • Understands theory and enjoys sharing/leveling others.
  • Has time to spend with 4 other players and helping level their game (can be done online/aim or offline casuals etc.)
  • If we get more than 8 competent captain applicants, RR tourney to determine who will be captain/draft picks.
  • Deadline for Captain Applications - December 3rd
  • $20 deposit. If you complete the season, you get your money back. If you drop out of the league, you lose your deposit.
  • Captains with the best teams will be rewarded with prizes/merchandise.

For Team Players $20 entry:

  • Can be of any skill level.
  • Willing to work with teammates and captain during the months of January and February.
  • Up to two characters will be listed when entering. Cannot switch to any other characters.
  • Willing to make at least most of the scheduled matches. (In extreme circumstances, matches can be played online with a third party (or captain) with some sort proof (such as video recording).
  • Deadline for entrants will be 12/11/10. $20 Entry to be paid before first scheduled match. (Jan 8th)

There will be a tournament 12/11/10 to determine rankings and the draft. More information will be available soon.
This is open to San Diego only.

edit: $20 will cover all events from January - February.

Quick Change in Signups!!
Teams are now capped at 10. With the old signups, if captain applicants do not qualify to be captain, they cannot participate as a team player. That’s a bunch of bull. Now we have a captain signup and a total player signup. The cap is now at 50, so some of you who were wait listed are now in the league.

Due to the demand of the League, The Box Arena wants to make sure those who are signing up are 100% dedicated. Right now we have a paypal and credit card link for everyone to sign up and pay the $20 entry fee and be guaranteed in.

A private e-mail was sent to everyone except for wait listers. After a week and a half, only 19 people of the first 40 have guaranteed their spots. Now’s your chance to get in. You can either paypal us with your information ( or sign up via or website The Box Arena - The League - Sign up

On the Comment box make sure to write:

  1. Name
  2. Alias/Handle
  3. Characters(2)

If you cannot pay online, make sure you’re the first to show up to the tournament this Saturday. Tournament starts at 12.

Team South Bay Liquor
Captain: n3m0n1c
Ilija Bibc
Brandon S.

Team Dark Horse
Captain: David Richardson
Alonzo (Atrejo)
Nick Ruiz
Martin Nguyen

Team Dream Team Plus Four
Captain: TLGenghis
Tae, Skratchiechan
Gordon Young

Team Roll Bounce
Captain: NERemixed
Greg, Jokersss
Sloppy Joe

Team SDF5
Captain: RePulse
Stanley Johnson
Marco M
Dread Dragon

Team Squirtle Squad
Captain: Mr. Certified
Dr. K

Team Genghis: The Demons Within
Captain: Steinmania
Fernando, Beefcake
Jonathan Quinto
Aaron Kurtz
Robert Snow

Team Purity
Captain: Viscant
40 OZ

Team James Brown
Captain: AlexMan
Alex Kim
Brian Solis

Team Pimp’s Battlebots
Captain: pimpbot9000
Mortal Kombat, MK




Ready to support my hero.


sign me up for that team captain thingy


sign me up team player!


I just wanted to further explain how this event is different from past events.

If you are:
- tired of seeing stacked teams win team tournaments.
- interested in being on a team with competent players
- are serious about trying to level up by playing with a smaller, closer group of players
- or (insert something I haven’t thought of here)…

…then this event is for you.

Our goal throughout this event is to really stress the TEAM aspect of a team tournament, with collaboration and cooperation.

For the top players in San Diego, it is an opportunity to share your knowledge in a closer group setting.
For those trying to level up, this is your opportunity to really seize what these veterans have to offer.

All in all, everyone will have a chance to interact with more of your peers outside of a tournament setting. This is a chance for San Diego to really show what we have to offer, to level up and show the fighting game community we aren’t free. I really encourage everyone out there to take advantage of this new style of tournament and I really look forward to seeing you all develop into better players.

For all you that think this is an expensive event, think again. For the amount of money you are paying, you are getting:
- 4 tournaments
- a captain that will coach you
- an entirely new style of team tournament
- a few surprises :slight_smile:

With that, I look forward to seeing all you salty fools soon. LET’S GO!!


Sign me up for this!


Nice basically an IHL? Im in.


14 spots left!!! Do not wait until the last minute. PM me or send an e-mail to

everyone who signs up will be put on to a team.


mitch do i have to sign up?


I e-mailed. I gotta be a part of this.


sign me up for this… this sounds like fun. I deffinatly wanna level up.


Okay everyone 4 spots open. If we hit 8 captains, but you think you could do better than one/some of the captains on there, sign up as captain and we’ll hold a RR for the spot. Extra Captain slots will also count as team player slots.

edit: 1 spot open.

We will have a waiting list. If enough people sign up on the waiting list, we might form a new team or change the number of players per team.

edit: All spots are taken. Add your names to the waiting list and we’ll see what we can do.


I know its still early, but how are teams going to be done?


I will go into more detail later this week, but in general:

  • December 11th is Tournament day. Rankings and the draft will be held that night.
  • Tournament will incorporate RR and double elimination.


This is an interesting idea. Looking forward to meet up.


Place me on the waiting list plz! Didnt think spots would fill up already


Team Captain Selection

How are captains supposed to pick team members?

Is this a one sided process of first come first serve (captain selects who he wants and the other get whomever remains on the list)?

Is it a mutual decision of team captain/member?

Is there a method that the captain should contact the member to create the team?

Who are we sending these emails to regarding membership/team? Is it sann, is it mitchel? further more whom is the money going to how will all this be tracked? Just seeking accountability/clarity.

Just for clarity: Teams are 5 man cells: (1 captain) (4 members) is that correct?

I don’t know if anyone has the same problem but I don’t know people’s SRK handles (at least not everyone).

So may I ask that we place our names at least for my sake so I know who you are so I can atleast start to map out a team for myself.

This is David Richardson btw.

Take it easy and I look forward to my questions being answered. Great ideas guys.


Glad you finally got around to posting this.