SSF4 Thread: Sakura Minded Players Discussion



I figure not every Sakura would feel like posting in the massive SSF4 thread because their are a million post… So here is a smaller thread for anybody who wants to discuss it here… This thread will definitely be useful for months to come…



Notice in the first picture… the background… its a variation of a current SF4 stage… but definitely different enough. Excitement abounds. Or maybe its just a camera pan at second thought…

I know I defintely have to practice hard to level up on my Sakura and Chun game before SSF4 comes out to consoles… By that time I want to have the SF4 game knowledge & mechanics down to a T so I can move on to what variations that comes to the SSF4 mechanics and gameplay…


I’m mostly concerned about what adding 10 new characters will do to the balance of the game. And I hope for better net code.

What do you think should be different about Sakura in ssf4? Since there is going to be 2 different ultras to use, I hope for a more useful and powerful one.


I doubt too much would be done to Sakura, if anything at all. Personally I still see her movelist and play strategy being just about the same with just the added Ultra. What that ultra is, who knows, but I’m not expecting too much. The new character, Juri, on the other hand, has certainly caught my attention. I’ll be keeping my eye out on her to see if I click with her or not, but my pre-play buzz hardly ever fails me when it comes to characters.


A usable fireball for Saks would be nice.


Yeah, faster fireballs in all departments so she can zone properly with them would be nice. Also fixing hitboxes for Shunpuus and more hit stun on the first two hits of EX Shou so it never fails to combo properly are in order.


I’d like to see a 1~x frame invincibility move :confused:


My instincts were correct.

Juri is one kickass mofonugget.


Would giving her Shououken some invincibility be overkill? x_x?

I like her design but the model is looking kinda crappy atm, hope that won’t be the final version.


the same goddamn info is just being regurgitated all over this site :frowning: Wish I modded this section as well ha


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Her overhead kick from CvS would be a nice addition. Fix the Shunpu hitbox a little and make the EX Shouoken easier combo. Not asking for much here.


I agree with mostly everyone else who wants a faster fireball recovery time. But this isn’t Street Fighter 5, its still SSF4… so I doubt that will happen. How old is Sakura anyway in SF4?


She’s like 18-19 in SF4.


I thought she was 20+

As an aside, I would love to see her get her Dive kick from CvS2 (and the speed and priority boost on standing roundhouse from the same game). Would work wonders for her game. A closing move good for mixups + superior pokeing ability would be a staggering improvement in dealing with her lack of a ranged threat.

Also, Ultra II. Any ideas? All her old Supers are represented to some degree between her EX moves and her Super, and her current one has some utility in the fact that it can be comboed easily. So the next logical step would be somthing that actually deals damage, but is less comboable (from a balance standpoint, we can’t expect both).


Where did you get the info? Could you give me a link? Thanks!


Wanna see DJ?

Notice 2nd Link Says 2010… next to 360 and PS3 logos…


Saw those in the main thread a few minutes ago.



A lot of new info… READ!!! THE GAME IS COMING OUT SPRING 2010!!! Video Footage and Interview


+3 on Mk hurricane kick on hit.