SSF4 it good or bad


Throwing, is it good or bad. I recently fought a match online and my opponent had this style where as he try to beat ur moves, a counter style to be exact. Sometimes he would wait for u to attack so he can counter it like he just ducks all day waiting for me to jump then he uppercuts. Well, i found a way through that by doing moves other than special moves like throwing. Turns out that was my opponent’s weakness. I attacked a lil, and changed to throwing a lil and came out on top. So later i was accused of throwing to much and taking advantage of online lag(dude claimed he tech grabbed), when the match didn’t lag it was perfect. Its strange to me that someone will say you cant do a certain move like throwing, strange when someone say you have to fight a certain way at all lol. I’d like to know what you guys think. Is throwing some1 in the game such a sin?? lol


You did the right thing. You found his weakness and exploited it. He got mad because he lost.


How did you miss the Street Fighter IV board. How. HOW.


Yeah. Seriously o.O I’m amazed someone even bothered to read further down than the SSFIV board actually.