SSF4 Tier List Thread REBOOT Super + AE (Updated: 02-01-09)

Well I can but I thought someone would be so kind as to simply tell a specific name of one.

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if only they had given oni ken’s normals or ryu’s normals…sigh time to learn gouken…

His normals are good themselves.

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Twitch has its own app. It`s pretty spotty at times, but better than nothing.

James Chen will only admit Cammy is top tier when she can resurrect into Dark Cammy, who can fly and shoots fireballs out of her normals.

We need a hacked version like they did with SF2 back in the day. Non charge sonic booms and Balrog dash punches with fireballs…tasty.

Try this SSF4 LE V2 (Mod)


Lol, holy shit. That’s even more retarded than the one back in the day. Horizontal SRK… ahhh the memory’s…

Hakan needs a rocket punch + CapCom assist + hyper armor + infinite oil + otg’s + aerial raves + 1500 health + sword normals.

Nah, this game is actually really well balanced compared to the large majority of other fighters.

What about this one


it has evil ken, mario, and a cammy that the cammy forum can be happy with @ 7:50

lies, i want absurd range on my standing fierce should work like bison’s standing roundhouse. dammit i want my derp :). really all most of his normals suffer from long startup or they just don’t reach as far as the animation shows…Oni has got the skeleton for ripping a hole into the meta , its just that some of his normals and specials are not able to keep up with the big boys.

True enough. They really could’ve made his normals a bit better. I’d say reducing the start up on his cr. Hk, fwd. Hp, and fwd. Hk and increasing the hitbox on his cr.Mk some and he’d be straight. His air dash is kind of useless outside of baiting dps. I’m not sure what else they can be used for. Also they should give him fadc srk on block.

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I’d only ask for more active frames on and a bit faster, and while we’re at it, I wish his ex slash was a buffed up version of his Lk instead of Hk. Something like lk version but with more range (so you can buffer from normals on footsies) and +1 on block. Current one is nearly useless (AFAIK).

most of the changes you listed are dope. air dash is sometimes useful for movement. and they also shutdown some( and this being generous) air to air tactics…though characters with an air grab( ibuki) completely shutdown any kind of advance and throw you into a vortex of shit. they could have given him a command grab to help him stay in, or made slash +1 or 2 on block. but by some on this forum give a character with a 3 frame srk the ability to fadc it and suddenly there is something deeply wrong with that character(evil ryu, akuma,seth(doesn’t even need it)) im sure thats not all though. an interesting buff would be he could cancel air normals into his air specials and his lk tatsu was altered to be like ev.ryu. but this is going to be the final version of the game right? PC version here i come!!!

Idk about slash being +1 or 2 on block. That would be even worse than Yun’s old ex lunge because it would be rediculously free pressure and chip damage off of block strings. It’s already safe enough as it is. It sets up for a couple of good mixups too as it is now. Maybe -1 for better pressure. It would be interesting to see a shoto with a command grab.

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I like that ex slash idea. The active frames is cool too.

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No more shotos.


After 4 revisions and the combined efforts of the entire community exploring the game/character mechanics to their fullest extent for the last 4 years…I’m very shocked that the character variety at high level tournament play is nearly identical to what it was in vanilla. I would hate to say the game is a"fraud"since I know some will think I’m hating on it but you would think at this point in time more then 10% of the roster would be viable at high level play. I know some will say"well we had some mid tiers in the top 32"but this hasnt really changed since the 1st year of SF4, because when it comes down to it the same characters are always represented in the top 8. I’ll admit in not being the biggest SF4 fan from the early onset but I was hoping 2012 would have really improved upon a lot of the inherent flaws the series had. Sadly CEO really exposed the game and I can honestly say that my hype for evo SF4 finals is practically nonexistent…cause I’d hate yet another grand final between"rufus,ryu,rufus and more rufus".

You know, there’s these things called players. They have names like Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Daigo Umehara and the like. I’ve heard they’re kinda good.

yeah, basically

That’s all fine and what not but that doesn’t change the lack of character variety that has remained consistent from the 1st year of SF4 sooo…

I heard the same argument to excuse 3s having the same 3 people, try again good sir:)