SSF4: Tips for defending tick throws?


Hey Ive been playing fighting games for several years but only a few playing SF. I have a problem with avoiding tick throws. My friend uses them alot against me simply because he knows it works. This situation makes him lazy and me frustrated. Any tips?


I’m kind of a scrub, but I heard you can mash the lp and lk at the same time while your crouching. It will come out a lk or it will tech the throw. that’s one option, but you can still be shoryukened. I hate tick throws as well. I can’t react. No one can be protected 100% of the time from them.


If you can sorta see where they’re going with their next move while you’re in (IE about to go for a throw) block stun, just press the throw command before they can successfully throw you. It’ll tech their throws more times than not.


Is this one of those option select cases? so i can go for a crouch grab and if he does grab it will break if he doesnt the crouching short goes


Yes but you don’t “mash it”. After every blocked lp you press lk and lp, so if he does a tick throw you will tech it. If he does nothing crouching short comes out. Ideally you don’t want to get in the habit of doing this because a good player will recognize it and end his blockstrings with shoryukens or ex messiahs to catch the low short.


Sweet. Im not dealing with a super good player so I should be ok till he catches on which I want him to do. Unfortunatly his worst problem in my eyes, is he likes shenanigans to much when Im playing to get generally more skillful. It doesn’t mix well. I really want to break him of this but at the same time I am suseptible to such shenanigans.


doesnt tornado throw beat throw? If he gets predictable I think that jab tornado throw will beat his tick throw.


BackDash off the block confirm from the jab is also an option.


mashing crouch tech is a bad habit but at novice levels save your behind online. Against even marginally good players your are going to get counterhit (CH) to hell all day if they see you crouch teching.

Against these players it’s best to take the throw then eat a CH combo for 300HP. Very nasty.

randomly thinks Cammy fucks crouch techs with a 10 inch dic.

But anyways, alot of this is reading your opponent. At lover mid levels some folks tick the exact same way every time which is after 1 or 2 blocked attacks. Know your OPP.


Just react to it.
Also dont crouch tech too much or you’ll see a lot of counter hits comming your way.


Most characters can beat beat crouch teching by putting in little gaps in their blockstrings to gain counter hits which can lead to combos etc etc . And if they mix this up with tick throws defending can become a real bitch…what i do is i block the first light attack and then immediately backdash to avoid any sort of mixup , i think cammy can still catch the backdash but Fuck cammy anyway that bitch is getting nerfed .

edit: how the fuck do you react to throw attempts?


mashing crouch tech will get you thrown, i had this problem for a long time because i kept reading advice saying crouch teching worked no matter the timing. Mashing Crouch tech is only effective in a certain window. If your character has a 3 frame then crouch tech will help you if they tried to throw you before you pressed lk/lp (assuming you press the buttons after they throw to tech), or after, meaning you hit them before they pressed throw. If they grab you in that small window, they win, probably leading to a lot of frustration on your part because you felt like you teched the throw (instead, your was starting up and they threw you out of its starting animation).

Crouch teching is only useful if you are good enough to avoid this 3 frame window and always tech AFTER they start throwing, if you do it before, you get thrown. Even then, as mentioned above, players will start putting intentional gaps in their strings to mess with your timing, drawing counterhits for big damage, or getting throw regardless.

There are a few solutions to this, none are perfect, all of which require you to get better at reading your opponent and when they are going to throw:

You can stand tech, this allows you to ‘tech’ the throw before they start throwing (you actually throw them and they tech it), problem with this being you leave yourself open to low hits if they walk forward and then low hit, but at least you won’t be able to mess up the timing and you won’t get counter hit.

You can crouch tech VERY late, as in the last three frames of the tech window of any given throw. This requires much more precision with the benefit of not getting hit low and protecting you much more from counterhits (your short comes out so much later that they would have to put something like a 7 or 8 frame gap in their string, which is noticeable if you have good focus). This is probably what pros use when crouch teching, however, no one is perfect and i imagine that this is incredibly difficult to master. If you err on the early side, counterhits are likely. If you err on the late side, you get thrown anyway.

I wish this information was more available and clear when i was trying to figure out why my seemingly well timed crouch techs were still getting thrown. Overall, either make your crouch tech attempts waaay later than you think you should, or stand tech. Either way you’ll see much better results.


You guys should check out replays and pay attention to the inputs of players who are hard to throw. I learned how to crouch tech from watching Daigo’s replay and inputs. You basically do a crouch tech to their attack pattern. It is a good way to start, but you have to be careful because if you’re mashing or doing this to all of their attacks (especially when they’re not even close enough to throw you), you’re leaving yourself open because you’re wiffing a If you do this and get punished for it consistently, you’re on autopilot and will probably receive more damage than the throw would’ve done if you just blocked. Once you start paying attention to this, your defense from throws should go up a lot and you won’t need to do it on their every attack until you know when they tend to throw you.

Lately, I’ve started crouch teching with another normal attack which I find incredibly useful against characters who punish normal crouch teching with divekick mixups. So… basically, I have this habit of wanting to crouch tech say Cammy or Rufus when I’m under pressure, but their dive kick punishes it and I eat a BnB combo. Instead of just hitting down back + lp & lk, I use down back + lp, lk, and HP. the c.HP (one of Cammy’s anti airs) should come out instead of the I forgot what the inputs look like when you do it. Try it in training mode.


If you stand up and press throw a throw comes out which can be counterhit just the same.


You play as Abel. If you’re getting thrown, Tornado Throw. They’ll stop throwing you HELLA fast.


you can’t counterhit a throw


Wow this thread has grown. I would like to note that its also “not” a good idea to crouch tech after they have moved back a certain distance in there block string because it would take them a while to walk forward and throw. So once they are so far away stop crouch teching. So you could crouch tech the first two or three cr. jabs but after that you should stop.


^You could crouch tech with a poke. I know a good # of rog players like to move back and forth to avoid getting their throw teched.


I offer nothing for advice on crouch teching as it seems a lot of players here have offered good advice. Go on the Gouken forums and play a gouken user. =P You’ll learn to tech, believe me. You’ll eat an ultra and die if you don’t tech. =)


After they tick, use a reversal. st strat right there.
or focus attack the tick and throw/ reversal/ knock them down.
if you are dan, ultra. it’s one of the best ultras.