SSF4 to SFxT

I’ve been playing sf4 for awhile now and just got sfxt. I keep hearing in stxt videos people saying things like, “Oh he’s playing this like it’s sf4.” I was wondering how I should approach this game. What gameplay fundmentals and concepts should I take with me from sf4 to sfxt? What should I scrap?

entirely character dependent

example playing bison like ssf4 will result in you thinking the character is garbage and you getting man handled, while playing juri similar to her old self bar some new heavy hitting combos will work

I main ryu in sf4. Is it advisable to play him the same way in sfxt?
If not, what should I change?
And are footsies more or less important in this game?

he plays pretty much the same except hes much better and has more elaborate combos. His donkey kick is amazing in particular and is safe on block. Ryu is easily top tier in this game, by all means play him.

footsies are important especially whiff punishing that can lead to launchers which can lead to massive damage or combos.

  1. Play Ken.
  2. :dp::hp:
  3. Win