SSF4 Tournament-Rocky Mount, NC, 8/14/2010

We will be holding a Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament at our store in Rocky Mount, NC Saturday, 8-14-2010. The entry fee will be $5 if you preregister and $10 on the day of the tournament. The game will be on the XBox 360 and we will have controllers on site. You can bring a fight stick if you wish but we are not able to provide them. The rules will be available in the store and we do have a couple store rules that need to be followed.

Store Location:

1240 Home Depot Plaza
Rocky Mount NC
For tournament details ask for Alex.

If you have difficulty finding us we are just off Highway 301 behind Chili’s.

bump…Post a reply if you are from the eastern NC area and are interested in coming!

Sounds like fun, I am going to try to make this. GO NC!!!

What time does it start? Is there a payout/prize? How does one preregister?

Are there going to be different amounts in the pot based on someone preregistering or registering on site? Is it double elimination?

I checked up on the details the other day for this, but please correct me if I give any wrong info. The start time was at 3:00pm. The payout is in store credit and is usually 70/20/10 depending on the number of entries, they may try to payout to more then top 3. I am not sure about the prereg or if you could do that without having to physically go to the store. Again, this is just from a conversation I had and things might have changed since I last talked to the people at gameongames, so wait for them to give an official reply.

Anyways, I am going to try to make this since I am in Rocky Mount almost everyday anyways. For those who know me this is James, the guy that works at Mini-putt.

EDIT- Roski, the way it was explained to me, all the entry fees were put together and that decided the amount of store credit for the winners. I totally forgot to ask if the tourney would be double elimination though >_>

I assume since differnent money is being taken for reg and pre-reg there would be difference. Might be related to preconstruced brackets and system avalibilty for the increase on the day of.

I’m working on changing the pre-reg thing so it’d be just day of entry fee . and anyone in the local area who may have pre-registered will be notified of the change. . .also James I’m gonna try to have them do a cash payout instead of store credit. . .since I’m pretty sure that won’t attract a lot of people. . .

The dude who made the account and made this thread is on vacation in france for the next two weeks so I’m taking care of setting things up. . .

Generally the tournaments are done done with x amount of rounds of swiss, then cut to a top eight based on the results. Will most likely change this to just traditional double elimination unless turn out is really that small. . .

Alright RiBu goodluck with everything man!

Alright got some finalized rules and such on the tournament. . .

August 14
$5 Venue fee
$10 Entry fee

Everything else will be tournament standard. Hopefully if this works out the store will be able to host fighting game tournaments more often. . .maybe experiment with some older titles as well. . .

What type of display will you be running on?

The store has four standard definition tv’s set up in the front I’ll be bringing some CRT televisions with me to put up in the back, which will be used if enough people show up. If anyone would wish to contribute any systems or copies of the game their venue fee will be taken off. . .

The main reason I need a head count is to see if the store needs to move it’s regular YGO tournament to sunday/just forget it that week.

This isn’t too far for me - hopefully I can make it if I’m not working.

Yea I think store credit won’t attract anyone that doesn’t live in the immediate vincinity, because no one is going to drive a couple of hours just to spend the credits they had won.

Hey guys, I’d love to make this tournament but it is honestly a really long drive. If there is anyone heading out there from the piedmont region of Charlotte/Statesville/Hickory, the please let me know if there is room for a carpool because I’m sure there are plenty of us guys here in Hickory and Statesville that would like to make it. We’ll pitch in.

Already taken care of. It will be a cash prize tournament. . . . .

Bump. . .

Bump. . .

For anyone wanting to show up a little early. . .the store opens around 10 am. . .I’ll start taking sign-ups around 12:30. . .

Bump… For anyone who might need a 360 stick there will be two TE sticks available… If this works out well, the store will most likely have BB:CS…next

Hope everyone has a safe drive…