Ssf4 Tourney at Midnight Comics - Houston, Tx - 07/17/10


Midnight Comics
Suite B 2505 S. Highway 6
Houston, TX 77082


Super Street Fighter 4

Venue fee:

Entry fee:

Registration - 12pm
Start time - 1pm

2 out of 3 games
Double elimination


What system will this be on?


Mostly Xbox. Basically whatever people decide to bring.:woot:


Done deal, I’m there.


i’ll be there


Im in there. I will be bringing my laptop to help jan run the brackets. LETS GO!



I wish I had read this thread earlier, I would’ve gone. Its 14 minutes from my crib. I will be hosting a house tournament next month here in Sugarland. I will post more when I finish up the details. We also have a tournament page on Facebook. Just search Ult House Fighting.


You know i’ll be there.