SSF4 Training Dojo @ The Filthy Suite, TUESDAY AUGUST 10th, 2010, Springfield, Oregon

Hey Fighters!

We’re running another training/casuals/perhaps impromptu tournament at the Filthy Suite this upcoming Tuesday! Short notice, I know, but we figured better sooner than waiting all the way until next week! This is a Free, Fighters-Only Event, so Bring your A game!

A note to those who attended last time, the Filthy Suite has actually just been professionally cleaned, and we’ve worked some of the kinks out of the setups/seating situation, so we’re looking at the next event being even better than before!

PM for or call 5416535337 for Location info if you don’t know where it’s at already!

Fights start around 5 or 6!

See you then!

Hey Hey! Filthy Suite is on! Check out the stream @ Shoryuken League on USTREAM: . Gaming Entertainment or come by! Just give us a call for directions if you don’t have them already.