SSF4 Training Mode Questions

Yo, just got a few simple questions about training mode.

  1. How exactly do you program the dummy to reversal on wakeup? I use Cammy and I’m trying to find a way to stuff or make whiff certain reversals with dive kicks. The way I usually test it is to have Cammy as P2 and record her doing a backthrow and strike, then doing the reversal with whatever character I’m testing against (P1). However, this method is kind of tedious and time consuming.

  2. How to test frame traps? Recording Cammy doing a counterhit setup and then attempting to crouch tech with the other character; would this be the best way?

Whenever I read about things on the forums I usually just test them online in the heat of the match, but I want to start utilizing training mode to it’s fullest. I want to be able to perfectly replicate any setup that I have trouble with or want to experiment with. Any and all answers are much appreciated. :karate:

Just have the bot do the move once as soon as the menu screen goes away, then while the bot is doing the move pause and set to playback. Knock the bot down then usually it will do the reversal.

Thanks for the reply! I’ll test this later.

i find it easier for you to set the dummy to throw you or sweep you, depending on the set up, then trying to safe jump you. Then you as the player try to reversal out of the setup and see if it works. Definitely easier to do this way.

  1. i agree w/ bja_eh

  2. i do this as well

Thanks for the replies!