SSF4 trial 18



I just want to know how on earth to do trial 18 it is the only trial I have left to do for him and the standing forward will not combo but it always hits is anyone else having this problem because I feel like the game is glitched


in this trial auto-block is turned off because headstomp into skull driver is not a combo. In order to pull this trial off lets look at some frame data.

Once you land the skull diver you will press crouch Mp. Crouch Mp is +6 on hit

you will need to link that into standing MK which had 6 frames of start-up.

Meaning Crouch Mp into standing MK is a 1 frame link.

Since auto-block is turned off, here is how you should adjust your timing.

  1. If the standing MK hits but does not combo then you are pressing MK too late

  2. If MK does not come then you hit MK too early.

SSF4 has a problem of not telling you how to do anything. something I really hope they fix in USF4. A 30min tutorial on how to play the game would be great for newer players.

If you get stuck on any of the other trials take a look at vesper arcades YT channel. He has completed all the trails and you can get a sense of how he goes about accomplishing them.


Trying to remember but if this is the useless one I am thinking of its not glitched. You have to land SD very deep to combo it.

Its useless because this will never happen in a real match. If it does tell your opponent to quit the game


lmao yea I eventually got it I had to land the skulldriver so close to him it would have been so easily punished on block I wouldnt even dare try it in a real match