SSF4 Turkey, Istanbul

Hello everyone,

I just moved to turkey, istanbul and im pretty sad for not being able to play ssf4 with anyone !! I own a Ps3 and i have no problem buying Xbox to join the fighting scene if it’s mainly on Xbox live and i would also love to know if there’s any arcades in istanbul that i could visit.

hey welcome
there is no arcade in istanbul, only in ankara

add me on psn, though we are considering to move to xbl, most of my buddies own ps3.


i find it odd that Constantinople is so large but it doesnt have an arcade :confused:

poor you

Hey there !
I’m so glad someone replied my post, will do my friend.

hey if you add me on ps3 i can play with you, my gamertag is entreri135 and Im from mersin/Turkey
and yes there was an arcade in istanbul but they will never gain some money becouse of that they shut down the shop
there are 2 arcade who stand still in turkey one of them in Ankara name; Fantasyland and the other was in Adana name; Rainbow/Gökku?a??