SSF4 ultra 2 vs AA , Jump Jump Jump

here a video from Alioune, he tested Zangief Ultra 2 against AA, back dash etc.


This makes up for all of Gief’s nerfs. :slight_smile:

The Chun and Honda Match up are looking a lot better. I want to see Air Ultra against Blanka’s EX Up ball on rising and can you air Ultra if they are in the air right behind you? For example, Blanka’s Rainbow ball out of the corner and shodo’s spin kicks out of the corner.

Ground Ultra is almost useless against Seth and Akuma anyway so I definitly see Air Ultra helping in those match ups. I never thought about Sagat’s Tiger Knee being caught by it. That means Sagat can only RH AA you safely if they fear air Ultra. And RH is easy to stuff.

i don’t think so. keep in mind when ur actually playing good players they’ll know what NOT to do when u have ultra 2. i still think u2 is borderline useless but i hope i’m wrong.

not to mention Sagat can still zone Gief to no end. He just can’t use Tiger Upper or Knee to do it while Gief is jumping. Standing RH will still be a good sub.

Yeah, don’t see this useful at all against Sagat, but it will be of some use against most of the cast with uppercuts though (Duds, Ken, Ryu, Boxer).

If you can keep your opponent from throwing reversalss or jumping away/backdashing while you have Ultra 2, then… That is exactly what you want. You can jump at shodos for free and they will sit there and block on wake up, but you still have regular Hard Punch SPD. How is this not a good Ultra?

that thing seems to work A LOT better then i imagined…

how is this NOT a good ultra? it catches back dashers… jumpers… and airborne reversals…

they have to now guess if they should try to jump/backdash/ or reversal (airborne) or sit there and get combo’d (ambiguous crossups)

all you need is the right spacing and maybe a short jump… start turning that butter… if they try something… ultra… if they sit there and block… just land and spd or combo them.

but im still curious as to what they meant by nerfing his jumps… (arc? jump in attacks?) and how they are nerfing the greenhand… damage? even MORE recovery?

If only the quality was better on that video we could see how much damage the ex green hand did. I think i saw lp short GH looking like it did 160 at 52 seconds but dont quote me on that.

I can’t see vid at work, but if it catches backdashers, you could in theory do a meaty/early and spin 720 - ending at u/f and just wait to hit PPP, if timed right you can smack PPP while they are still grounded and throw, or if they try backdashing/DPing, etc you can you inv frames to grab them out the air (shrug)…prolly sounds easier than it really is.

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It’s “anti-air”, but Seth Killian said that you can pick up someone from the ground with the U2…you just have to be incredibly close for it. I’m thinking, the only way to stop this from connecting will be if the opponent just simply ducks. This is awesome that it stuffs uppercuts and whatnot. Good luck against the really good, wait until the absolute last second before I uppercut to take advantage of the invulnerability frames type of person though.

If this does grab someone from the ground, even if they’re ducking, expect a new technique. If I can buffer 720 on the ground but finish in the up-toward motion and delay my button press by just a hair for me to slightly jump and this comes out, OH BABY. Just like the instant-air Akuma FBs, the Viper air BKs, etc. Can’t wait for the 27th to try this stuff out!

If it could catch u in reversal, backdash, jump and block then it is too good because it will never miss… so clearly either ducking avoids or it doesnt grab people off the ground anymore. Or maybe you have to be so close to grab people off the ground that they can reversal you. We will see.

I think this will be a big help every matchup except sagat. and in sagats case it will help against most players.
::Begins praying for buffered ultra-2 into uf jump::

Kili, was this the final version of the game?

This ultra is very good against Honda.
Have anyone notice that a Honda that know the matchup vs zangief just neutraljump hp? He cant do that when zangief have ultra 2.

against honda? gief CURRENTLY has options to beat hondas nj hp…

Yeah, but none of them are half as scary or easy to execute as this potentially could be.

No more jump back F.Punch for Rog?

i suppose. what options now are scary?

share your info

At least they give Gief a good tool (maybe)