SSF4 ultra 2 vs AA , Jump Jump Jump

Yeah honestly to this, there is nothing that Gief can do that would make Honda scared of doing nj Hp and thats why this is such a big deal. Nay sayers and people on the fence about this ultra…think about it, its a Zangief ultra…how can it not be good. It has possibility of hitting on the ground and on paper beats tons of crap. We will not even know until it comes out but for me right now, Zangief Ultra 2 is good enough for me even over all of the unconfirmed nerfs.

SSF4 is going to be a different game so who knows how all the nerfs will mesh with all of the other game changes. Its not going to be SSF4 nerfed Zangief in the SF4 world.

Just keep cool and wait, im sure Gief will still be just as good as he was. Not like Gief was ruling the tourney scene ever anyways.

I agree with clyde now that i have seen the ultra 2 in action and all the top tier from SF4 is getting nerfed SSF4 gief might still be towards the top of the tier charts. Might still main someone new but just because i hate being a one trick pony with no counter picks.

Honda got improvements that won’t help against Gief. And I assume he got some health and damage nerfs like everyone else. This new Ultra will definitely give us a new 6-4 advantage against a character whose popularity will rise.

Bison will probably have an even match up against Gief with his new effective psycho crusher AA. AA was the only thing Bison lacked against Gief. I doubt Bison got a health nerf but the damage nerfs to his pokes will keep this managable.

Chun Li could turn into a 6-4 as well now that we can cross her over without giving her a free EX SBK. Hopefully her poke damage got reduced a bit as well.

I think what a lot of people are forgetting about is all the new characters and how popular and bad of them well be against Gief. :wink:

Probably a stupid question, but could U2 possibly be done during a backdash? It lifts Gief off the ground, so would that count as being “airborne?”

^ Interesting question, I doubt it but we will know for sure in a few weeks.

i dont think so i mean no one in the current sf4 cast or even the new ones for ssf4 can do anything during their backdash other than u know…finishing it

so its very unlikely that gief will be able to activate his blizzard in the middle of his backdash

Yeah, but you know, this might not be that hard to test, Anyone in sf4 have a backdash that hops like giefs, AND a move that can only be performed airborne?

well technically most of the cast’s backsash is considered airborne and can be grabbed by abels falling sky and by fuertes air grab and others’ air grabs

since ryu cant perform an air tatsu during backdash which is considered airborne, i think we can effectively disregard the u2 being possible in super

of course super could be a mindfuck and crazy sht may be possible

crazier things have happened

Also why im not ruling it out. Who knows, SSF4 could come out and they’ll be like SF2 Rainbow Ed. crazy shit. lol.

If the honda is just jumping up and down doing HP, there’s plenty you can do, depending on where he’s hitting the HP button.

If you’re quick and react to it early, you can EX GH him free. Watch your ranges though, because if he heavy steers back, you could whiff. This also works against any character that will mindlessly neutral jump against gief. (Gief Mirror and Viper come to mind).

If he’s hitting the punch button HIGH and steering EARLY (trying to stuff lariat) you can go under it with a C.MK or sometimes a DF+HK.

If he’s hitting the punch button really LATE and steering more on the way down (if he’s trying to get you in hands lockdown or it’s your wakeup) you can try to tag him on the way up w. S.HK or you can actually EX SPD him if he’s really low to the ground.

Some of these are “SCARY” because they lead to knockdowns and honda’s wakeup options suck.

PROTIP: like rog, don’t cross up honda. You get a free meaty low short.

Hmm, I didn’t realize you could meaty low short him on wake up. It looks like you have to have perfect timing or else you’re eating reversal ex headbutt. This will take some practice. At least Balrog’s headbutt comes out ass slow.

^ Me as well, guess its my timeing. I try to stay grounded when Honda is wakeing up. When I try sho sho I just eat EX headbutt. Must need more practice with it. I usually just end up trying to fake the lk then block, get him to waste that meter. I hear from people I play that I don’t play agressive enough and I am actually boring to play.

Guess my style is similar to the Detroit Pistons.

Well, technically, you could jump over honda to make him lose his headbutt charge, but that would only be after EX 360 K or EXSPD.

Oh, and I guess c. lp gives you 1 more frame of leniency as a meaty.

Anything works against butt splash btw.

Also you can crouching AA lariet neu hands if u time it really late but it’s dependent on spaceing. It only works if he’s close enough to hit u in crouch if the hands would have wiffed it stuffs the lariet.

Honestly Gief’s sweep works best for me. It forces him to push backwards and then he is cornered. Once he is cornered it is game over. DO NOT JUMP OVER HIM IN THE CORNER. lol people do that all the time to Rog and Honda.

thanks renegade for helping me answer those questions for them.

besides the st rh, df, rh and ex green hand you have a few other options but those should be your go to moves. you can also toy with CR. MP/fierce and CR. MK followed by command throw at certain ranges.

and off a exgreenhand knock down (tech-able) just do crjab/shorts it is a free meaty if he doesnt quick just keep walking him to a corner as he lays on the ground for a little.

if he gets knocked down by a throw (360k or neutral) feel free to cross him up if it provides a better meaty situation OR if it puts him CLOSER to the corner…

Yeah, I kind prfer d/f rh for punishing nj hands shrug

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