SSF4 & UMK3 Ranbat 4.2 Salt Lake City, Utah on Sept 18th


Ranbat 4.2 on Saturday September 18th

Cost: 10 dollars

Location: West Valley Family Fitness Center
5415 West 3100 South
West Valley City, Utah 84120
Ph: (801) 955-4000
(Go up the stairs Room A)

Time: 2pm for Casuals, 430 Tournament start
Venue closes at 9 Pm please be on time to start so we may finish on time.

Games: 1v1 Super Street Fighter 4 on Xbox 360.

Double elimination.
Pad warriors please have a corded one if possible.
Will also finish last team tournament and have a new team tournament depending on turnout. More to come on that.
Also Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 side tournament, free of charge.
Will be on mame, see Konqrr’s post. Legit arcade controller MK 5 button and PS controllers.

Prizes: 60/30/10 for SSF4 1v1. Team tournament prize not determined. UMK3 will not have a prize but bragging rights, especially if you can beat Konqrr.

Food: No food provided, welcome to bring it in. Will provide Shasta soda

please visit the utah thread.


Good stuff Utah!

Get 'em Konqrr! :coffee:


At the Ranbat, there will also be Halo Reach tournament ran by TeamUtahNoobs. The best street fighter players in Utah will be there, that Utah Abel Gus, IIPeru who beat Online Tony on the stream at evo, and others who are great. Bring your game cuz you will need it.


the team tournament part is on the utah thread now, please visit to get the details on that


bump for Utah ranbat