ssf4 urien


i am looking for a character who plays like urien know any?


closest you’ll come to Urien is Balrog. Gouken plays more like Urien but the inputs are shoto


what about poke wise?


try honda, hes not that far off actually

if you really love aegis then go with dhalsim =P


i do more of a poke at first then rush them to death whos is that?


Can’t tell if trolling.

Dhalsim’s yoga bullshit is much different and is applied differently than Aegis. Only thing that remains the same is that they both are unblockable in the right hands


If you want to play Urien then play him in 3s. No one really plays quite like Urien in SSF4.


False. You need to block the character, not the projectile and you will block it all. It is not an unblockable set-up like 3s


how are dhalsilm and urien alike?


They aren’t really, they just have similar super moves. SF4 Sim has Yoga Catastrophe, Urien has Aegis Reflector. But even that comparison is a lazy one.


this. Urien is a 3s exclusive


thanks for the help pepole i guess i will stick to ken and adon