SSF4/USF4: All Characters: Crouching combos with LP/LK


So i’m having trouble doing specials after multiple crouching LPs or LKs if i do for example c. MP, c. MP, Special i can get the special out but if i do c. LK, c. LP, c. LP, special i can’t get the special out my timing is on point i’m not lacking timing it’s just not coming out my combos do work if i do for example standing LP into c. LP and then a special but since i want to hit low and i want to remain in block position as much as possible this is quite annoying anyone know why?


this is because you are “chaining” your lk and/or lp and chained lp/lk cannot be “cancelled” into specials. (chaining means you are cancelling the recovery animation of your move into another move)

your mp, mp x special works because you can’t chain the mp and are “linking” it (letting the first mp finish its recovery animation and hitting the second mp again right when the first ends). linking normal moves like this allow for cancelling into specials.

to get your lk, lp, lp x special you will need to wait for your second to last lp to finish animating and then press the last lp and cancel into your special.

hope that helps!


Some light attacks chain if you do them fast after one another, you cannot cancel specials from chains. You have to actually wait slightly and link the last light attack and cancel that attack in a special. From my own experience i find doing chains and linking the last light attack far more annoying and difficult to perform than doing a chain of lights and linking a medium or heavy attack. You also have to cancel light attacks into specials way faster than medium attacks, so there is that also.

Aside from that think about “chunking”, do not try to think about the whole combo but chop it up in pieces. For instance think about performing your chains as one part while doing the link and cancelling it into a special as another. The longer the combo the more you’ll need to mentally chop them up.

As for remaining in a block position, i can somewhat understand, however try to move your weapon of choice(d-pad, stick etc) to a comfortable position for your last normal, the one you will cancel into a special.
You have to commit to the attacks that you are doing, the advantage of chains is if the first one connects or is blocked the rest of them will also connect or block and the opponent cannot mash trough them. For instance i do a, st.lp chain with Yun, i’m not “blocking” anymore during the st.lp however that doesn’t matter because the opponent will bb put in auto blockstun if the blocked the initial hit. If i see my first two attacks connect i’ll finish my combo, if they are blocked i’ll change it up with a throw, frametrap, extending my chains etc. You have to commit

Btw which character are you using?


oh thanks i didn’t think chaining normals would be possible besides target combos thanks for the replies!
and btw juri or just trying out yang


A good chain with Juri is, st.lp which you can link into, and if you have USFIV, into
Keep in mind though you don’t always have to do a hitconfirm with light attacks, another great hitconfirm if you have a low fireball stored, which is also safe, is xx low fireball. Juri is a fun character, bit daunting though for beginners but if you stick with her she’s really rewarding. Excecution isn’t that difficult with her but the charge and release of her fireballs and general moveset can be intimidating :slight_smile: