SSF4/USF4: What other players msg you after you beat them?


The other thread has over 6,000 posts. Mostly negative feedback lol

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"This thread is delicious!"-The Bison Social
Sodium overdose


Should I stop playing Ibuki?

“f@ggot fightstick user”


Needs a better thread title tbh. :coffee:


Should call it Profound Saltiness.


And I don’t have Super, but I got this today in Vanilla: “Faggy flowchart Abel”.


i’d like to keep it consistent. this thread exists in HDR, MvC2, SF4 and now super.


I vote for “Profound Saltyness” I’m sorry, but it’s too good.


I got gg once so far.


some guy sent me some things in russian after i perfected him


“why you fart on a lady”
“hakan rocks my world”

I love playing Hakan.


This made me chuckle. :bgrin:


“fucking vega”


“Fireball spamming noob.”

He spammed Juri’s dive kick the whole game and I just punished it


“haha ur pussy wit ur grabs no skill”
^Didnt know what techs were

“grabing for bums”
^I responded by saying, “No, grabbing is what you do to people who cant tech”

Seriously, with the insane amount of throwing ive seen in this game youd think people would learn how to tech…


it’s godlike yo… godlike


Beat this prick with my Guile, no EXs, no Ultra…I beat him by a landslide against his Ryu. 15 minutes later, I run into him again, and we rematch, with the same characters. He damn-near perfects me in round 1, and I damn-near get a perfect in round 2, and in round 3, we’re both down to the wire in health, and he sqeaks by with the win. Sends me psn with the title “Hey”. His his description read: “You Lose!!! stfu.”


“you play like a ***”


“Gotta learn2 play before you can taunt”.


“sagat masher”