SSF4 Vega impressions/Feedback

Played Super today for quite a few hours and getting my copy tomorrow. Anyone else play Super and got anything to say about him? It seems everything they said before was right. Maybe a little more priority (what it seemed like to me) but coulda just been luck of the other people not knowing the matchup. The overhead was nice on a few matchups. and personally i didnt use his ultra 2 all that much. didnt seem comboable either -_-

Any other thoughts?

Check out the “Sharpening my claws… Vega(Claw) Wants/Needs” thread, it’s pretty much the “SSF4” thread where everyone is discussing the changes to Vega. Quite alot has been talked about, including the comboability of Ultra 2.

Mother fucker feels OP now. I play a Vega player every other match and its so annoying.

i agree with u on that BUT iDC bcuz more than half of em dont even kno how to ply wit him & i DESTROY em